A Job For Chelsea's Nanny

Chelsea Clinton may not need a babysitter, but her former nanny is not far away. NEWSWEEK has learned that Helen Dickey, Chelsea's nanny from her Little Rock days, has landed a job-and a bedroom-at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Dickey, 22, earns $20,000 a year as a full-time "staff assistant" in the White House social office, according to Hillary Clinton's Press Secretary Lisa Caputo. Dickey's duties include "basic backup support," like helping to plan parties and answering mail and the phones. Dickey says she is no longer Chelsea's nanny, but Caputo acknowledges that Dickey does take care of the First Daughter "on occasion."

At 13, Chelsea doesn't need much minding. But it was Hillary Clinton who asked Dickey to move into the White House as a familiar face for her daughter. "She's really part of the family," says Caputo. Dickey's mother, Robyn, also has a White House job, as a deputy director of the visitors' office.