Joe Biden Decisively Defeats Trump in Arizona, a State He Won in 2016, Several Polls Show

Several polls conducted over the past week among Arizona voters show former Vice President Joe Biden decisively winning over state residents in hypothetical general election matchups against President Donald Trump.

Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner, is several percentage points ahead of Trump in polls which pit the two head-to-head in the upcoming November election. Biden is an average of 5 percentage points of ahead of Trump in Arizona, a border state which Trump won in 2016 over Hillary Clinton.

As The Washington Post noted, Trump's hard-line immigration stance has hurt his re-election chances, with 73 percent of Arizona voters favoring a path to citizenship for "dreamers" and a majority--55 percent--opposing his southern border wall. Polls conducted by Univision, Predictive Insights and Public Policy Polling all indicate Biden defeating Trump in the general election later this year.

Biden is leading Trump by 8 percentage points in a joint poll conducted by Univision and Arizona State University, with the former vice president's favorability rating several percentage points above the president as well. OH Predictive Insights shows Biden holding the support of 49 percent of Arizona voters compared to Trump with 43 percent. In even worse news for Trump, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is currently trailing Biden significantly in delegates for the nomination, also beats Trump, according to the Univision poll.

The closest poll between Biden and Trump is revealed in the Public Policy Polling data, which shows the potential Democratic nominee just 1 percentage point ahead of Trump, well within the statistical error threshold.

Arizona has traditionally voted for Republican Party candidates in presidential elections, with residents voting for Mitt Romney and late Senator John McCain in the respective 2012 and 2008 elections prior to Trump's 2016 election.

However, in the OH Predictive Insights poll, Trump is shown defeating Sanders by seven percentage points in a hypothetical match-up between the two. Sunday's Democratic presidential debate between Biden and Sanders was set to be held in Arizona, but it was moved to Washington D.C., due to coronavirus concerns.

Arizona polling also shows Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly defeating Republican Martha McSally by a sizable 12 percentage points in the upcoming November race.

As most other states and national polls show, Biden performs particularly well among African-American voters in Arizona, although fewer than 5 percent of Arizona residents are black, according to recent census data. A majority of Hispanic Arizona residents--61 percent--say they would choose Biden over Trump. Additionally, a majority of women--52 percent to 38 percent--say they will cast their vote for Biden versus Trump.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden decisively defeats President Donald Trump among Arizona voters, a state which Trump won in 2016 and which traditionally votes Republican in presidential contests. Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images/Getty