Joe Biden is the 'Greatest Conciliator,' Will Bring America Together: Former U.K. Prime Minister

President-Elect Joe Biden has been branded the "greatest conciliator" by former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who backed the Democrat to be able to bring unity to America and to have a positive impact on the world stage.

Brown served as the U.K.'s prime minister between 2007 and 2010, succeeding Tony Blair, having been its chancellor prior to that.

"What you see with Joe is what you get. He's open, he's friendly. He's very respectful, he's very generous with people," Brown told the BBC, speaking of his own interactions with Biden.

"You know, Ronald Reagan was called the greatest communicator, he [Biden] is the greatest conciliator.

"What you see with Joe, is what you get"
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who's worked with the US President-elect Joe Biden, tells #BBCBreakfast what he's like.

— BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) November 9, 2020

"I think he will be the person that brings America together, because it is a very, very divided and dysfunctional country at the moment.

"And I think he'll also be the person that brings the world community together, because we've been lacking global leadership over the last year or two."

Brown also commented on how Biden might deal with the U.K. moving forward, commenting on its relationship with the rest of Europe—suggesting Brexit, Britain's departure from the European Union bloc, and the manner of which this is conducted could impact his stance on future trade.

"He is a great friend of the United Kingdom, he has been a friend, he wants to be a friend. Of course, he would prefer us to be more united with Europe. He is determined that the Good Friday agreement is not upset," he said, referring to concerns over the U.K.'s stance towards the agreement in terms of future dealings with Europe. Biden previously said any future trade deal between the U.S. and U.K. will hinge upon this agreement being respected.

"But he'll want to work with Britain on key issues, that's cooperation on health, cooperation on the environment, cooperation on let's get a general world recovery underway and America's pivotal to that—and he's going to be very important in the next few months," Brown added.

Newsweek has contacted Brown and Biden's teams for further comment.

Brown's comments come with several current world leaders having congratulated Biden on his election success, despite President Donald Trump not yet having conceded.

Brown's comments on Biden being able to bring the nation together come after the Democrat outlined this as his desire.

He called for his supporters and those of his opponent Trump to "give each other a chance."

"I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify," he said in a recent speech. "Who sees not red states and blue states, but the United States."

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Gordon Brown (L) shakes hands with Joe Biden during a meeting within the Progressive Governance Leaders' Summit in Vina del Mar, 120 km west from Santiago, on March 28, 2009. Brown has labeled Biden the "greatest conciliator." Claudio Santana/AFP via Getty Images