Joe Biden Outperforming Trump Among Women Voters in Florida, Texas and Arizona

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds large leads over President Donald Trump — and Hillary Clinton in 2016 — among women voters in the "Sun Belt" states of Florida, Texas and Arizona.

The latest CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday found presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Biden leading Trump overall by six percentage points in Florida (48 percent to 42 percent), trailing Trump by one point in Texas (45 percent to 46 percent), and tied with the president in Arizona (46 percent). Trump won all three states in 2016, but has only maintained a lead over Biden in those states among just two demographics: men and white voters without a college degree.

Meanwhile, Biden has drawn more support among women voters than Hillary Clinton did in Florida, Texas and Arizona from four years ago, and he is far outperforming Trump with women this year.

According to the survey, Biden holds a 13-percentage point lead over Trump among likely women voters in Florida (50 percent to 37 percent), and at least five-point leads over Trump among women in both Arizona and Texas. The former vice president has narrowed Trump's lead among white women, particularly among white women with a college degree — a demographic Clinton lost in Florida in 2016.

Hispanic voters in Florida, Texas and Arizona overwhelmingly support Biden by more than two-to-one margins, while Trump holds a similarly disproportionate advantage in those same states among white voters with no college degrees. Biden holds a higher share of support among Arizona Hispanics than Clinton did in 2016 and about the same percentage in Texas and Florida.

The CBS News/YouGov poll conducted between July 7-10 was based on a representative sample at least 1,099 registered voters in each of the three states. Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed from Arizona, Florida and Texas all said they plan on voting on November 3, 2020.

Only single-digit percentages, fewer than 8 percent in each state, said things in America are going "very well." Trump holds a slight advantage in terms of "enthusiasm" among those who support his campaign, with half of all Biden's supporters in Florida saying their "main reason" for supporting the Democratic candidate is simply "to oppose Donald Trump."

By comparison, 67 percent of likely Florida Trump voters said they "like Donald Trump," versus only 17 percent who said their main reason for supporting his re-election is to "oppose Joe Biden."

Only 30 percent of Florida Biden supporters said they "like Joe Biden" and 21 percent said they are backing him simply because "he's the Democratic nominee" against the president's re-election. Very few supporters of either Biden or Trump in any of the three states said they would ever consider voting for the other candidate.

Trump has maintained his lead over Biden among seniors over the age of 65 by eight points, but that is just half of the margin he commanded in the 2016 election.

Newsweek reached out to both campaigns for reactions to the new poll Sunday morning.

women voters support joe biden
Biden holds large leads over Trump - and Hillary Clinton in 2016 - among women voters in Florida, Texas and Arizona, polls show. EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI / Contributor/Getty Images