Clock's Up: Joe Biden Definitely Not Participating in Democratic Presidential Debate

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will be watching the democratic presidential debate at home. John Taggart/Reuters

Joe Biden is really, definitely, absolutely not going to be at the Democratic presidential debate, much to the frustration of the CNN producers who prepared an extra podium for the vice president just in case he shows up in Las Vegas Tuesday evening. 

This isn't actually surprising, of course, as Biden isn't running for president. Biden, still undeclared, has been polling fairly well with 24 percent support, considering he's done absolutely no campaigning. 

Instead of showing up at the debate, Biden will be at home at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. He'll attend a high school reunion and later watch the debate. We assume he'll sit on his couch and perhaps he might have some popcorn.

In an odd twist, Biden will see himself on television if he tunes in a bit early: Draft Biden purchased $250,000 worth of airtime to encourage him to run for president. The ads will play before the debate. 

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