Joe Biden Continued to Take Questions From Town Hall Audience Even After Cameras Stopped Rolling

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued answering questions from the audience after the cameras stopped rolling at his ABC News town hall on Thursday night. President Donald Trump had a town hall event on NBC at the same time.

The town hall lasted for 90 minutes as the Democratic presidential candidate took questions from the crowd, some of whom were undecided voters. At one point, Biden had an exchange with an African American voter named Cedric from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

George Stephanopoulos asked the voter if he'd heard enough to vote for Biden, when he said he thought he had, Biden said: "There's a lot more if you want to hang out afterwards, I'll tell you more."

After the official section of the event, Biden stayed for almost 30 minutes and took more questions.

He'd been sitting without a mask during the town hall but put a mask on and spoke to the audience members. Those asking questions also wore masks and maintained social distancing.

"After the @ABC town hall in Philadelphia ended, @JoeBiden has stayed behind to answer questions from voters who didn't get a chance to ask. He's taken questions on sending in the National Guard to quell protests, and on the Muslim travel ban," tweeted ABC national political reporter Johnny Verhovek.

Biden could be seen on the ABC News livestream but viewers were apparently unable to hear what he was saying. Some social media users have asked ABC News to make the footage with sound available for viewing.

"The town hall might be over, but @JoeBiden is still answering questions from voters in the room. This is the kind of leader we need in the White House," the Team Joe Twitter account wrote.

Some social media users praised Biden for continuing to take questions even though the event was over. Scott Dworkin, co-founder of super PAC Democratic Coalition and an outspoken critic of the president, argued that Biden's behavior was a reason to support him.

"Not everyone got to ask their question of Biden, because they ran out of time on air. Biden stayed and is answering everyone's questions. This is the type of president we deserve. Vote Biden," he tweeted.

There was also criticism, however. Jessica O'Donnell, social media editor at The Blaze, noted: "Trump is [staying behind] too, but he again has more people sticking around after his town hall."

Trump stayed behind after his NBC town hall to take photos with members of the audience, according to USA Today.

Joe Biden Participates in a Town Hall
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participates in a Town Hall format meeting with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos at the National Constitution Center October 15, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The second presidential debate was originally scheduled for this day but was cancelled after President Donald Trump refused to participate in a 'virtual' debate after he tested positive for the coronavirus and was hospitalized for three days. Biden stayed behind to answer more audience questions after the event ended. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images