Joe Biden Urges Crowd to Let 'Bernie Bro' Protesters Go After Michigan Rally Interruption: 'This Isn't a Trump Rally'

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden instructed his supporters to let go of protesters who had interrupted his speech at a campaign rally in Michigan Monday evening.

Biden was interrupted by a male protester as he addressed his supporters at a Michigan campaign rally earlier today. As the vice president was giving his speech to the crowd, someone from the audience began chanting "Hey hey ho ho, Joe Biden has got to go!", which prompted the candidate to stop and his supporters to begin chanting "Let's go, Joe."

The protesters then unfurled banners, one of which said, "NAFTA killed our jobs," referring to Biden's 1994 vote in favor of the trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Another banner could only be partially seen on camera, reading "Biden betrayed...," with the final word hidden from view.

Biden asked the protesters, "Are you with Donald Trump?" However, if the protesters answered, their answer was not picked up on the audio feed.

Biden continued to pause for a few more seconds before loudly telling his supporters, "That's alright. Let 'em go." The camera did not pan to the crowd, but Biden's response suggested that some of his supporters had grabbed the protester.

"This is not a Trump rally," Biden continued. "Let 'em go. This is not a Trump rally. Let 'em go."

"The Bernie Bros are here. Let 'em go," the vice president added. "Folks. Let 'em go. That's okay. Let 'em go." The crowd then burst into applause and continued to chant "Let's go Joe."

joe biden protesters
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden tries to calm his supporters as demonstrators disrupt his rally at Renaissance High School on March 9, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. Scott Olson/Getty

"Folks, look. This is what's wrong with American politics," Biden said, trying to calm the crowd. "Let them go. It's just a reflection on what is wrong with American politics these days. This is one of the things that Donald Trump has generated. This is not who we are."

Although Biden referred to the protesters as "Bernie bros," a term used by Sanders critics to describe his more vocal and dedicated online followers, it is unclear whether they are actually associated with the Sanders campaign.

Newsweek reached out to the Biden and Sanders campaigns for comment.

Before Biden took the stage at the Detroit rally, a number of local politicians, including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, spoke. Following Whitmer, former presidential candidates New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and California Sen. Kamala Harris spoke, endorsing the former vice president. Biden himself spoke for approximately a half hour.