Joe Rogan Questions Whether Goal of FBI Raid Was to Block Trump's 2024 Bid

During Tuesday's installment of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan questioned if the FBI's recent raid on former President Donald Trump's residence was all part of a plan to thwart his possible bid for reelection in 2024.

On August 8, Trump confirmed that FBI agents had searched his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. He condemned the act in a statement, in which he said that "nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before."

"After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate," Trump added.

Two high-level U.S. intelligence officials have since informed Newsweek that the raid was specifically intended to recover Trump's personal "stash" of hidden documents.

Joe Rogan talks Donald Trump FBI raid
Joe Rogan, pictured left on April 9, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida has questioned the true motivations behind the recent FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Florida residence. Trump (inset) is photographed above in New York City on August 10, 2022. James Gilbert/Getty Images;/STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images

"I mean, like legally, like, what did they find? And is he actually in trouble?" Rogan asked guest Seth Dillion, CEO of conservative Christian news satire website The Babylon Bee. "Because I think the goal was to try to knock him out of the 2024 elections, right by trying him for crimes. What did he do?"

"I don't know," said Dillon in response. "Is it really about confidential information that he shouldn't have had in his home? Like, that was so important they couldn't just ask for it. They had to go in there and get it?"

"I think the problem is having it, right?" Rogan surmised. "Because if you have it in an unsecure location, meaning unsecure, in terms of the government's protection, it's not locked up in archives, it's not in a place that's very difficult to access, you have control personally over the access to something that's top secret.

"If that's the case, then that's a problem. Because that safe can be opened, people can get in there, people can get the code, they can copy it, they can send it to China," he said.

However, Dillion held firm on questioning whether something more sinister was afoot.

"Do you think that's a genuine concern? Or is it [that] they want to find something, anything that they can use to prevent him from running again?" Dillon asked.

"I think both things are valid," Rogan responded. "I think if they're just doing that, and they're using the FBI in a way that they would never use it against Hillary Clinton, and they're going after him in a way they would never go after Ghislaine Maxwell's client list—then we have a real conversation."

He went on: "I don't know what the files were. I have zero idea whether or not they were okay for him to have or declassified. I don't know. But I think the argument would be if...if there's a f**king whole chain of command about classified documents, this is the law on classified documents, and you decide to violate that law because you think you can...if that is what happened, then someone needs to be held accountable for that."

"You're not above the law, and you can't decide that you're not going to follow the law because you know better. And I don't know if that's the case," Rogan added.

"I think where people...don't care about that is because they're like, 'Okay, you know, if you're going to be selectively enforcing laws like that, and just turn a blind eye to Hillary deleting emails that have been subpoenaed.' It's the double standard that makes everybody say this is persecution," Dillon told Rogan.