John Bolton Called a 'Self-Interested Coward' for Not Testifying in Impeachment Probe: 'History Will Remember'

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton is back on Twitter, having won back control of his account from the White House last week.

But the long-time diplomat has not had an easy return to the platform, facing constant calls to testify as part of the ongoing impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

Bolton was still the national security adviser when the president allegedly tried to solicit a Ukrainian government investigation into possible 2020 rival Joe Biden in exchange for the release of frozen military aid.

Bolton has thus far resisted calls to testify, even reportedly threatening legal action if House investigators subpoena him.

His intransigence has won him few fans on Twitter. On Tuesday, Bolton told followers that "our country's commitment to our national security priorities is under attack from within. America is distracted. Our enemies are not. We need to make U.S. national security a priority."

He then sent out a link to his "National Security Attitudes Survey" which focuses on "the most dangerous threats facing the United States." Bolton invited his followers to take part and said he would share selected results.

But many of the responses to Bolton's two tweets instead focused on his continued refusal to testify as part of the Ukraine investigation.

He is believed to have knowledge of "many relevant meetings" on Ukraine, according to The New York Times.

Maer Roshan, the editor in chief of the Los Angeles Magazine, for example, suggested that the "biggest threat to national security is the enablers of this corrupt, dictator-coddling administration. People like you." He added: "Testify!"

Former GOP Representative Joe Walsh, who is planning to run against Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination, proposed last week, "From this point forward, every single @AmbJohnBolton tweet should receive a simple one-word reply from everyone: TESTIFY."

"Let's bombard Bolton with millions & millions of one-word replies every time he tweets," he continued.

Producer Suzanne Lindbergh, meanwhile, warned that U.S. national security will always be compromised while Trump remains in power. She called on Bolton to "go testify" and help change the situation.

"This issue will not change until trump is out of office," Lindbergh wrote. "He has set priorities NOT in America's best interests, rather in his personal interests and those of dictators around the globe. Truth from a prominent admin official could stop this dangerous insanity."

Author and activist Amy Siskind was less diplomatic in her response. She branded Bolton "a self-interested coward, just like the other white men who refuse to stand up for our democracy." Siskind warned Bolton that "history will remember."

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Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on September 30, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Win McNamee/Getty Images/Getty