John Mayer Rants About 'Male Contract,' Wants To Change 'Alpha Male' Ideals

John Mayer performs on his The Search for Everything World Tour at the AT&T Center on August 3, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas. Mayer took time at his Sunday concert to speak on the "male contract" that, he stated, needs to change. SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP/Getty Images

John Mayer took a moment of his Sunday show at the Performing Arts Center in Baltimore to explain his view on the unachievable "male contract." Mayer expressed a passion to change the way young men are taught to view sex and sexuality, TMZ reported. He spoke for over two minutes on the topic and noted the "contract" starts at a young age.

"[It's] bulls***, the idea that if you are a man, every woman you see, you should be able to get an erection," he began his statement. "And when we don't, that's the trauma. I don't want it to be the male contract. I'm telling you, that's the contract. And we have to tear the contract up."

Mayer's angle focused heavily on the male perspective of rape culture as sexuality is taught, and noted a woman is not a guarantee. When someone from the audience asked for further explanation, Mayer continued.

"She's asking a pertinent question. She's asking 'what is the male contract, then?' The male contract is, between the ages of, whatever, puberty and college to be instructed to have a class, to have a voice of reason taught to young men," Mayer explained. "You are not supposed to be able to do this to everything that moves. You are not entitled to do this to everything that moves. This does not come naturally to a man. This does not come unnaturally to a man. You do not possess the universal ability to have any woman that you see."

Mayer asked for a change to promote happy lives of both sexes.

"They're scared and you're scared," he detailed. "And I'm just going on record as reviewing the trauma of men feeling like they've fallen short of a bulls*** alpha male contract that nobody can live up to. Until we get rid of that in men, you won't have the life that we all deserve."

The singer-songwriter spoke controversially about feminism on his Instagram story at the end of August. In his statement, Mayer claimed he's an advocate for women, but doesn't want to be labeled a "feminist."

"My take is less about feminism and more about the issue of nomenclature, specifically how reductiveness of language can turn people off from noble and vital causes," Mayer wrote. "If you asked people if they support ensuring equal rights for women in all aspects of their lives, they would very likely answer yes. Change that question to 'are you a feminist' and the answers instantly become more complicated. That's because a single phrase is being co-opted than the actual ideal it attempts to present."