John McAfee Claims 'Enemies' Tried to Kill Him by Spiking Something He Ingested, Vows Revenge

Tech tycoon John McAfee took to Twitter Friday morning to discuss his three-day hiatus from the website.

"I apologize for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up," he wrote Friday morning. "My enemies maged [sic] to spike something that I ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back."

The antivirus software pioneer turned cryptocurrency enthusiast also posted two photos showing himself in the hospital.

"And for those who did this," he wrote alongside the pictures, "You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath. I know exactly who you are. Youh [sic] had better be gone."

McAfee gave no further details. On Tuesday, however, he wrote on Twitter that he would no longer be working with cryptocurrency ICOs or recommending them, "due to SEC threats."

"Due to SEC threats, I am no longer working with ICOs nor am I recommending them, and those doing ICOs can all look forward to arrest," he wrote. "It is unjust but it is reality. I am writing an article on an equivalent alternative to ICOs which the SEC cannot touch. Please have Patience."

John McAfee, founder of the eponymous antivirus company, speaks during the China Internet Security Conference in Beijing on August 16, 2016. McAfee took to Twitter Friday claiming his enemies tried to kill him. FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images