John Oliver Rips Donald Trump For Florida Trip After President's National Emergency Declaration: 'There Is Zero Actual Emergency at the Border Right Now'

John Oliver fired shots at President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration during his opening segment of Last Week Tonight on Sunday. The comedian suggested Trump's call for the national emergency over funding for his wall along the southern border wasn't as big of a crisis as the president has tried to allege.

"According to Trump, the border suddenly constitutes a national emergency, or as he might spell it in a tweet, 'the berder constidutes a nertional ederdency.' And to be clear, there is zero actual emergency at the border right now," Oliver said. "Illegal crossings have been declining for 20 years and, as we've talked about before on this show, a wall would be expensive and completely ineffective. "

He continued: "Declaring a national emergency is a big step. Emergency declarations are meant to temporarily enhance the president's power during a legitimate crisis. So Trump needed to sell this as a real emergency."

It was Trump's actions just moments after he declared a national emergency that Oliver was most astounded by. "[Trump] then responded to this newly declared emergency by, just hours later, flying off to Florida for the weekend where he's apparently been photographed waiting at an omelette bar. You know, the kind of thing you do when America is in crisis," Oliver said.

Trump announced a national emergency to use $8 billion in military funding to use for a 230-mile barrier wall along the southern border, a promise the president has been riding since his 2015 campaign. During his announcement on Friday, Trump noted that he "didn't need to do this," in regards to calling for a national emergency but claimed that he wanted to get funding for the wall "much faster."

The notion has already resulted in legal pushback by advocacy groups across the nation.

Despite Trump's proposed severity of illegal crossing of immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, which sparked the national emergency declaration, Trump was spotted enjoying a weekend getaway at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, just hours after his speech.

just in — a source at the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach just texted me this photo taken a short time ago.

omelette bar:

— j.d. durkin (@jiveDurkey) February 16, 2019