Video: John Oliver Takes Down Jay Leno-'The Places You Can Go F*** Yourself'

Comedian John Oliver has hit back at Jay Leno's recent appeal for civility in the Trump-era by showing multiple clips in which Leno ruthlessly shamed Monica Lewinsky.

Speaking on HBO's 'Last Week Tonight' yesterday, the English host spearheaded a monologue and interview segment that was centered around the public shaming of Lewinsky, who became a household name in 1998 amid the political sex scandal involving president Bill Clinton.

"This country put her through hell," Oliver said, admitting that his own history was not clean on the matter due to an appearance on The Daily Show back in 2008 in which he was seen alongside a banner which read "10 Sucking Years." A regretful Oliver described it as "gross."

He then turned the spotlight on Leno, who was host of various iterations of talk shows between 1992 and 2014. Last Wednesday, Leno complained on television that comedy programs had become politically partisan and that he would like "to see a little civility come back to it."

Oliver did not seem impressed.

"Many comedians have since expressed regret about things they have said [about Lewinsky], although one who hasn't—and was among the most relentless—was Jay Leno," he said.

The segment surfaced footage first broadcast during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno over 20 years ago. The clips contained cutting material about the former White House intern.

In one, Leno stated: "One million samples of DNA, they said it was the largest collection of DNA in the world, not counting Monica Lewinsky's closet." In another, he said to studio applause: "The humidity, man, I'll tell ya, people's clothes are stickier than Monica Lewinsky's."

Responding this week, Oliver fired back: "Those jokes have not dated well in any sense of the word. And they are pretty rough, especially coming from a guy who just this week complained about late night TV saying that he would like to see 'a bit of civility come back.'

"You know, like that time he did a bit with a fake book about Lewinsky titled 'The Slut in the Hat.' And if that's what he means by civility, may I offer my new book: 'Oh, the Places You Can Go F*** Yourself, Jay Leno!'" he added, later airing an interview with Lewinsky, 45, who is now an anti-bullying activist.

Oliver was not the only comedian to be riled by Leno's comments last week. Jimmy Kimmel appeared to share the frustration about the stance on politics, especially the claim that talk shows focus too much on a single subject, referencing President Donald Trump.

Kimmel said Trump's ongoing antics leave no other option. "I don't want to talk about Donald Trump every night," he said. "None of us who host these shows do, but he gives us no choice."