What Was John Zderko's Cause of Death? 'Mentalist' Actor's Passing Explained

Beloved Criminal Minds and Mentalist actor John Zderko passed away in the early hours of Thursday, May 26, 2022 after a long battle with cancer.

He passed after battling cancer for a few years at the age of 60. He was undergoing treatment in Los Angeles, California.

Zderko is well known for his roles in Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, 9-1-1 Lone Star and Bosch: Legacy.

We will also see him posthumously in Breaking, a Bleeker Street film, which hits theaters in July, 2022 and also features other well-known actors such as John Boyega as well as the late Michael, K Williams. The movie premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and is expected to release soon for public viewing.

What Was John Zderko's Cause of Death?

The screen star died in the early hours of Thursday, May 26, 2022.

He passed after fighting a long battle with cancer, due to complications of the cancer treatment.

The news of his death was confirmed by his dear friend Charley Koontz, who reported it to the Hollywood Reporter.

Koontz made a tribute to his late friend on social media, tweeting: "A great friend and an excellent actor gone way too soon. Thank you so much to @THR and @MikeBarnes4 for giving our friend a true Hollywood send off. And to @captainblackusa for the great idea. Your name in lights one more time, John. Love you pal. RIP."

Koontz is also an actor, and has played roles in CSI: Cyber and Community. He is best known for playing a student nicknamed 'Fat' Neil on Community.

Who was John Zderko?

He was a famous actor, most known for his roles in The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and 9-1-1 Lone. He grew up in Ohio, Colorado and New Jersey, he also played in the same basketball team as James Gandolfini.

Zderko attended UC Irvine, and after graduating, he began building a successful business career, but continued taking acting classes at UCLA. He eventually quit his corporate job and began his acting career in theatre at West Broadway in Santa Monica.

He made his screen debut in 2005, he is also well known for his performance in horror film Apparitional (also known as Haunting of Cellblock 11) where he plays a man who gets attacked by a spirit, and becomes haunted by the spirit. His performance in the film stood out, and is particularly loved by horror film fans.

Zderko is survived by his sister, Karen, brother-in-law Steve and nephews Jeff and Jason.

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John Zderko Criminal Minds actor dies at 60 following tragic cancer battle. Right, John pictured in Haunting of Cellblock 11. Picture Palace Films