Jon Stewart Rescues Runaway Goats on Subway Tracks in Brooklyn

A pair of goats who wandered onto a busy train line in New York were rescued by none other than Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show.

The pair found their way onto the N Line tracks in Brooklyn at around 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning. According to New York City Subway on Twitter, the goats were safe and not affecting service at the time of being spotted. They were, however, "on the run". A photo uploaded a short time later referred to them as "two very baaaaad boys."

About two hours after being reported, the goats, named Billy and Willy, were rescued by New York City police. They were tranquilized and taken to an animal care center run by the Farm Sanctuary animal rescue organization in upstate New York, according to Variety.

Two very baaaaad boys.

— NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask. (@NYCTSubway) August 20, 2018

"The goats have been removed from the tracks by NYPD, and service is resuming," New York City Subway said on Twitter. "We thank ewe for your patience."

Stewart is a long-time supporter of the animal rescue organization and can be seen on video shepherding the goats onto the back of a truck. He holds a red barrier to keep the goats inside, once shepherded in. Stewart helps lock the back of the track before it heads off to the Farm Sanctuary.

Update: Jon Stewart, the 🐐 herder? The former host of the @TheDailyShow, seen on the left, helped get 2 goats to an animal shelter upstate Monday. The goats traveled along the N line tracks in #Brooklyn in the afternoon. It's not clear how they got there. Video: Farm Sanctuary.

— Spectrum News NY1 (@NY1) August 21, 2018

The train was experiencing delays during Monday, but for another reason. It is not known how the goats found their way onto the tracks. They were reportedly eating grass when approached by the police.

Commuters and onlookers posted photos and videos to social media of the goats. The reaction was pretty much what you would expect. New York City Councilman Justin Brannan even took the chance to poke fun at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. "BREAKING: Wayward Goats Faster Than N Train," Brannan tweeted.

He followed up later saying MTA might use cute animal stories to regularly cover-up delays. "MTA knows even the blackest hearted New Yorker is a sucker for a good "lost animal being cute" story. MTA is gonna start blaming all system delays on furry wayward creatures and we'll all be like awwwwww that's OK."

Other Twitter users dished out the goat-related jokes, such as "they're just a couple of kids" and "you could say they're on the lamb." There were also a lot of reference to the acronym GOAT (greatest of all time), with arguments erupting over who the best two athletes in the world are.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York did not immediately respond to a request for comment.