Jonah Hill's 5 Favorite Sports Classics

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

The Natural

"Arguably the most beautiful and important sports film of all time. Powerful performances, and beautifully shot."


"I defy you not to sob tears of inspiration at the end of this film. It simply isn't possible for anyone with a human heart."

The Bad News Bears

"Walter Matthau is brilliant in this film. This movie pushes boundaries in the most joyous way. Equally inspirational and edgy all these years later."

North Dallas Forty

"A rugged and honest sports film. Tough at its core. A real 'man's man' film."

Major League

"This movie is absolutely hysterical. I double over laughing every time I watch it. Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, James Gammon, and Dennis Haysbert give hilarious performances in one of my favorite ensemble comedies ever."