Josh Hawley's Humiliation by Jan. 6 Committee 'Unconstitutional'—Mark Levin

Is it unconstitutional to embarrass a politician simply by presenting evidence of their own contradictory behavior? That is what Fox News host Mark Levin is claiming, accusing the Jan. 6 committee of violating Article 1 of the Constitution by ridiculing Republican Senator Josh Hawley at its latest hearing.

At last Thursday's hearing, the Jan. 6 committee showed footage of Hawley running away from the Capitol on the day of the attack only a few hours after the senator from Missouri greeted rioters with a raised fist salute.

After seeing the brief clip of the senator jogging through the Capitol's halls and trotting down staircases to flee the mob taking over the building, the audience of reporters, congressional aides, security staff, and visitors in the committee room burst out laughing.

It was an embarrassing moment for Hawley, who prided himself on supporting the pro-Trump crowd on January 6, 2021, before it turned violent and who has made "Show-me strong!" his motto. But Levin now maintains it was also unconstitutional—as he believes the whole Jan. 6 committee's investigation is.

"Congress doesn't have plenary powers to do whatever it wants," Levin said on his show "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News on Sunday.

"It's very specific, we got Article 1 and there's a long list of powers, it's the longest article in the Constitution of Congress' powers. [...] You can study it and study it and study it and you will not find the power to conduct a criminal investigation because it violates separation of powers," he said.

"You can tell from the latest hearing, the aides' hearing, the prime-time hearing that the media salivate over and slobber over, what a joke this is," Levin later added.

"How they tried to humiliate Senator Hawley, it's really not about Jan. 6," he said, adding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he called "the main witness of Jan. 6" has been "effectively immunized by the committee," whose members he says she single-handedly appointed.

"Article 1 provides no such authority. None, to the Congress of the United States," Levin said.

"So everything that they're doing, which is openly and affirmatively criminal in nature, is a violation of separation of powers," he said.

Touching briefly on the topic of the effective bipartisanship of the Jan. 6 committee, Levin calls the Republicans' part in the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots "phony."

"When you get these phony Republicans like [Rep. Adam] Kinzinger and [Rep. Liz] Cheney waving the Constitution around, they're not waving around our Constitution, perhaps it's the 1934 Soviet Constitution, but it ain't ours," he said with a smirk.

That Levin does not recognize the authority of the Jan. 6 committee is something that he has made clear for a while now.

Earlier this month Levin called the hearings a "show trial," led by "a rogue committee appointed by Nancy Pelosi." He has also expressed the wish that people do not watch the trial but watch his show instead.

On Sunday, he called the hearings "illegitimate" and said they presented "no actual facts" because, he claimed, "there isn't any."

Newsweek has asked the Jan. 6 committee for comment.

 Mark Levin and Josh Hawley
Mark Levin said the Jan. 6 committee, which "tried to humiliate" Sen. Josh Hawley, is "illegitimate." In this combination image, Mark Levin (Left) and Video grab, shows Josh Hawley running from rioters on Jan. 6 Getty/January 6th Committee Evidence