Canadian Judge Calls Victim Of Sexual Assault 'Overweight,' Says She Enjoyed Attacker's Attention

A judge in Canada is being slammed for saying a 17-year-old “overweight” girl probably enjoyed attention from the 49-year-old man who sexually assaulted her.

Judge Jean-Paul Braun said these comments during trial, where he found taxi driver Carlo Figaro guilty of sexually assaulting the girl, who was his passenger, back in 2015, CBC News reported.

Braun commented on her appearance, saying she was "a bit overweight, but she has a pretty face." He suggested that because of the girl's religious upbringing, she might have enjoyed the attention from Figaro. Braun then added that she might have flirted with him because he had "nice manners" and "liked to wear cologne."

"He looks good and doesn't seem his age," the judge said.

Braun even challenged the prosecutor on whether there are different degrees of consent for different actions, like kissing someone compared to grabbing their behind.

The judge also said he did not think the girl made it clear to the taxi driver that she did not want to be kissed, but still found Figaro guilty because she did not consent.

Figaro stopped his car near the girl’s home in 2015 and licked her face, the girl said. He then groped her over her clothes, touching her breast and genitals, as she tried to push him off and leave the vehicle.

Braun is not the first Canadian judge to be called out for his outrageous comments during a sexual assault trial. Former Canadian federal judge Robin Camp resigned earlier this year after being scrutinized for asking an alleged rape victim in court why she couldn’t “just keep your knees together.”

Camp said these comments during a 2014 trial when he badgered the woman during trial on whether she thought she could have done more to protect herself against the man she said sexually assaulted her.

The Canadian Judicial Council found that Camp’s conduct during the trial was “manifestly and profoundly destructive of the concept of impartiality, integrity and independence.” Camp issued a statement and apologized to “everyone who was hurt” by the comments.