Judge Says Man Found With More than 200 Guns, Flamethrower Can Be Released

A judge on Monday ruled a Rhode Island man who was arrested when authorities found and seized over 200 guns and a flamethrower from his home can be released safely on bond.

After responding to reports of gunfire on February 24, police arrested 37-year-old Ronald Andruchuk, after finding the large stash of weapons inside his home where his wife and three children also live, the Associated Press reported.

Though Judge John J. McConnell Jr. ruled Andruchuk does not pose a threat now that his weapons are taken away, the prosecution argued that the man had the means to acquire more weapons, posing a danger to his community.

However, McConnell wrote in his decision that the prosecution did not meet the "burden of showing any clear and convincing evidence that there is no combination of conditions that would reasonably assure the safety of the community."

Due to Andruchuk's alleged drug use, one of the charges he faces is possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, the AP added. The specific conditions of his release will be decided Tuesday at a detention hearing in Providence.

The Boston Globe reported that the man's neighbors were in their backyard with relatives and children when he started firing his gun, and later found rounds on their property after some bullets hit their trees. Police who responded to the call of gunfire had to duck for cover until they could get Andruchuk to stop.

He was arrested the next day following another 911 call saying he was shooting again. At the time of his arrest, he was wearing tactical gear and was holding four handguns and a combat knife. He also appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

According to the Providence Journal, the weapons seizure was part of an investigation into Andruchuk allegedly hiding two handguns and some cocaine in the ceiling of a retail store in Massachusetts.

Andruchuk's attorney Kevin Fitzgerald said his client is just a "gun collector," adding that it is safe for him to be released with GPS monitoring and that he has cooperated with the investigation, according to the AP.

While his attorney argued the guns were kept in a locked basement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sandra Hebert said 42 of the guns were in a bedroom suite and the flamethrower was in the kitchen, according to the Journal.

But despite the authorities finding a large number of firearms in the home, McConnell noted in his decision that "there does not appear to be a law for regulation that prohibits such conduct."

Update 03/07/22 4:50 p.m. ET: This story was updated to add more information.

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A man arrested for having over 200 guns in his home was released on bond. Above, a person holding a handgun. Stock Image/Getty Images