'Jump Force' Closed Beta: Start Time and Everything You Need to Know

The first beta for Bandai Namco's upcoming fighting game Jump Force is about to begin. Unfortunately, unlike the more recent beta for SoulCalibur VI, this beta will be closed with only a lucky few able to participate over the weekend.

Registration for the Jump Force closed beta is already complete and codes started being delivered on Oct. 9. Keep checking your emails if you registered before the cutoff.

Once you've been selected to join the fight, here's everything you'll need to know to get started and ready for the launch of the beta.

jump force promo art luffy goku naruto
'Jump Force' is coming in 2019 Bandai Namco


Once you've received a code, you can start pre-loading the Jump Force closed beta. Simply head over to the either the Microsoft or PlayStation store and type "Jump Force" in the search bar. The closed beta should appear, simply enter in your code to get it started.


Now that you have the Jump Force beta downloaded, you'll just need to wait and hop on when the sessions are live.

Here's the schedule for the Jump Force closed beta:

Friday, Oct. 12

(8 am - 10 am EDT) - Closed Beta Session #1

Saturday, Oct. 13

(11 pm - 1 am EDT) - Closed Beta Session #2

Saturday, Oct. 13

(12 pm - 2 pm EDT) - Closed Beta Session #3

Sunday, Oct. 14

(11 pm - 1 am EDT) - Closed Beta Session #4

Jump Force will release in February 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Did you get in to the Jump Force closed beta? Who do you hope to play as this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.