June 2018 Game Releases: All Games Coming This Month

May 2018 has come and gone, bringing with it the release of games like State of Decay 2, Detroit: Become Human and little else. Unfortunately, if you thought May was a slow month, June is looking just as rough. There isn't much headed to stores this month unless you're a sports fan or eager for Nintendo Switch ports, so maybe we'll get some "available now" surprises at E3 to get excited about.

Mario Tennis Aces is one of the game release highlights for June 2018 Nintendo

June 2018 Game Releases: All Games Coming This Month

All scheduled game releases for the month of June 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC are listed below. Because video game development is unpredictable, it's possible a game might be delayed. All release dates are correct as of publication.

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (June 5, Switch, PC, PS4)
  • Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi (June 5, PS4, PC)
  • Onrush (June 5, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (June 5, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (June 5, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Vampyr (June 5, PS4, PC, Xbox One)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr (June 5, PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Flashback: Remastered Edition (June 7, Switch)
  • The Banner Saga 2 (June 7, Switch)
  • Muv-Luv (June 8, PS Vita)
  • Muv-Luv Alternative (June 8, PS Vita)
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (June 8, Switch, 3DS)
  • Jurassic World Evolution (June 12, PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Moss Physical Edition (June 12, PS4)
  • Super Bomberman R (June 12, Xbox One, PC, PS4)
  • LEGO The Incredibles (June 15, Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Mario Tennis Aces (June 22, Switch)
  • Lumines Remastered (June 26, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (June 26, Switch)
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (June 29, PC, Xbox One, Switch)
  • The Crew 2 (June 29, PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (June 29, Switch)

That's it! So what do you think? Are there any releases this month you're looking forward to? Will you finally tackle that backlog of games you've been building up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.