'Jurassic World Alive' Beginner's Guide: Tips For Getting Dinosaurs, Darts, Battling and More

Jurassic World Alive is now available to download on iOS and Android devices. It is a Pokémon Go-style game that incorporates real-world locations into gameplay, except with dinosaurs instead of pocket monsters. Check out the tips and tricks we've found out so far before you get started catching and battling with your own group of terrible lizards.

'Jurassic World Alive' Beginner's Guide: How to Catch Dinosaurs, Get More Darts, Battle Tips and More

Follow these tips to get your dinosaur adventure started right in Jurassic World Alive Ludia

Jurassic World Alive is similar to Pokémon Go in that players must physically walk around outside to find and capture dinosaurs. That said, players can be further away from dinosaurs and still attack them, compared to how close you need to be to a Pokémon in Pokémon Go. This means it's possible to send your drone out to attack dinosaurs that are blocks away from your location.

However, the drone has a finite battery life to prevent players from relying on it excessively. The further away you are from a dinosaur, the less time you'll have to attack it with darts. If you see a message about a dinosaur being in range with Extended Battery, this feature is included for Premium players. To become a Premium player, you must subscribe for $9.99 per month through the in-game store.

Catching Dinosaurs

Players don't really "catch" dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, but shoot them with darts to extract DNA. Once enough DNA has been extracted, players can create a clone of that dinosaur to join his or her team.

To send out your drone to shoot darts, find a dinosaur on your map, and click on it. This loads a screen from the drone's perspective. Place your finger on the screen and move it around to position the drone's crosshairs, then release to shoot a dart at the target on the dinosaur. Aim for the center of the target to score the most points. Once the drone's battery life has run out, your score will be tallied up.

This score indicates how much DNA you extracted from the dinosaur. If you collect enough DNA of any single species, you'll be able to go to your collection and create it. Click on the dinosaur's picture in the "Not Collected" area and it will load up a new page with the dinosaur on it. Click "Create" and you'll have yourself a new dino.

When shooting darts at dinosaurs, be aware of the dinosaur's movement. If the dinosaur is moving fast, you'll need to lead your shot. Also, if you live in an area with many buildings, darts will pass right through them. You don't need to wait for the dinosaur to be in the clear before shooting.

Dinosaur Collection

Players can have up to eight dinosaurs on their team at any given time. If your eight slots are filled and you create more dinosaur species, they will be added to your collection. To change which dinosaurs are on your team and which are in your collection, press the "Modify" button in the top right corner of the page. Click on any dinosaur in your team to send down to your collection, then click on its replacement in your collection to move up to your team.

Evolving Dinosaurs

If you've already created a species of dinosaur, you should still attack any others you see with darts. With more DNA of a certain species, it's possible to evolve your created dinosaurs to make them stronger. Think of this like leveling up your species.

Getting More Darts, Coins and Supplies

Players start out only able to carry 140 darts at any given time. This means you'll need to visit Supply Drops to restock. These act like PokéStops in Pokémon Go. You'll need to physically walk to each Supply Drop, then click on the icon on the map when you are within range. Once the big cube loads, click or spin it to get more supplies.

You also might find a green square on the map that stands out amongst all the blue squares. This is a Special Event drop that provides more supplies than your standard Supply Drop. Both Special Events and Supply Drops can only be activated once every 15 minutes, but each location's timer can be reset if you watch a commercial.

Battle Tips

Battling in Jurassic World Alive is a turn-based system. Players pick attacks, and the fastest dinosaur goes first. The left-most option is the basic attack, while those to the right are stronger moves or ones that impact your opponent's stats. For example, moves can cause your opponent to move more slowly or attack for less damage. More advanced moves have cooldown timers, so if you see a number in a circle by your attacks, that's the number of turns before that attack can be used again.

You can only battle a certain amount before Jurassic World Alive gives you a cool-down timer. Once that timer runs out, it is possible to challenge another player in battle.

That's enough to get your dinosaur adventure started right in Jurassic World Alive. What do you think? Will this game take over your walks like Pok é mon Go did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.