'Jurassic World: Evolution' Confirmed Dinosaurs List: Chungkingosaurus, Corythosaurus and More

A new gameplay video for Jurassic World: Evolution has just been released by IGN, showing off some new features. In the video, we see what a modern version of Zoo Tycoon looks like. You build facilities to research your dinosaurs, power stations to keep the lights on, feeders for your animals and pathways so everyone knows where to walk. Jeff Goldblum's wonderful voice adds a welcome nostalgia. I will never say no to more Goldblum in my day.

You can choose to focus on entertainment, science or security by picking one of three contactors: Isaac Clement, Dr. Kajal Dua or George Lambert. These decisions aren't permanent; you can pick up other contracts as the game progresses. The more work you do with a division, the more favor you'll gain, which increases your reputation and allows you to receive tougher missions. There's a lot of waiting for upgrades to your facilities that you can't just pay microtransactions to sit through.If this was a freemium mobile app, there'd be a lot of microtransactions.

The research facility offers various ways to expand your park or improve your dinosaurs. Editing dinosaur genes can give your beasts longer lifespans or more relaxed temperaments. If you're playing god, why not go overboard with it?

When your dinosaurs escape, as they are prone to do, you'll need an ACU centre to capture them safely. The game then moves to a third-person shooter inside a helicopter, where you have to aim your gun and tranquilize the dinosaur running amok.

The new video reveals the first four dinosaurs you can add to your park are Struthiomimus, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus and Ceratosaurus. Here's the list of known dinosaurs we know are going to be in Jurassic World: Evolution straight from the game's already vibrant wikia and Steam community.

Jurassic World: Evolution Confirmed Dinosaur List

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Ceratosaurus looking as fine as ever Jurassic Outpost
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Archaeornithomimus (exclusive)
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Camarasaurus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Chungkingosaurus
  • Corythosaurus
  • Crichtonsaurus (exclusive)
  • Deinonychus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Edmontosaurus
  • Gallimimus
  • Indominus rex
  • Kentrosaurus
  • Majungasaurus (exclusive)
  • Maiasaura
  • Metriacanthosaurus
  • Muttaburrasaurus
  • Ouranosaurus
  • Pachycephalosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Struthiomimus
  • Styracosaurus (exclusive)
  • Suchomimus (exclusive)
  • Triceratops
  • Tsintaosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Velociraptor

Jurassic World: Evolution releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 16, 2018.

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