#JusticeForElijah Trends After Man Brutally Stabs Black Teen to Death for Listening to Rap Music

Thousands have reacted to reports of a black teenager being allegedly murdered for listening to rap music in Arizona, with the hashtag #JusticeForElijah trending on Twitter.

Michael Adams, 27, has been charged with the first-degree murder of 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin. The teenager died from his injuries after his throat was slit at around 1:42 a.m. at a Circle K store in Peoria on July 4.

According to court documents, seen by AZ Central, Adams told police that he decided to kill the teenager because he was playing rap music in his vehicle, which made him feel unsafe.

Adams admitted he was not provoked or threatened by the teenager prior to the alleged attack, but decided to be "proactive rather than reactive," as he said people who listen to rap music are a threat to him and the community.

According to Arizona Department of Corrections, Adams had just been released from the Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma two days before he allegedly killed Al-Amin.

After the murder charges were brought forward, Jacie Cotterell, Adams's lawyer, said her client was "set up for failure," because of inabilities to give him access to mental health services following his release from prison.

"To be specific, he was given resources, he wasn't given means to get to those resources," Cotterell told AZ Central.

Speaking to Fox 10, Cotterell argued that Adams should not have been sent to jail in the first place.

"It's too easy as a society to shake our head and say well, they committed a crime, it's too bad, we have jails for that when really, what they need is treatment. They need a bed instead of a cell," she said.

In a statement, Bill Lamoreaux, a spokesman for Arizona Department of Corrections, said that Adams "was not designated seriously mentally ill" following his release.

"The tragic death is terrible, and Mr. Adams will have to answer for his alleged actions," he added.

Twitter users have been paying their respects for the 17-year-old while questioning whether mental health issues would be brought up if the suspect and the victim's races were switched.

Another repeat of Jordan Davis who was killed for playing his music in his car too loud and wouldn’t turn it down. This is so outrageous!!!! Rest in power Elijah Al-Amin. #JusticeForElijah https://t.co/pZaA7Ft86b

— Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) July 7, 2019

Black men out here getting life a in prison and the death penalty off allegations and shaky evidence, but white men who commit hate crimes, murder, rape, and terrorist acts are mentally ill. Even a blind man can see something ain't right. #JusticeForElijah

— Jaffry Ward, Jr. (@jaffrykward) July 8, 2019

if a black man killed a 17 year old white boy for listening to country music, they wouldn’t say the black man is mentally ill. STOP using mental illness as an excuse for racism!!! and you’re painting an awful picture for people who actually have mental illnesses #JusticeForElijah pic.twitter.com/g7PuhyhRQB

— isabella (@bellaajuliaa) July 8, 2019

When criminals and their attorneys use mental health as an excuse for racism / extremism, the stigma grows. So thank you for ruining it for all of us who actually need help. #JusticeForElijah

— Scott Dance (@sdancefilms) July 8, 2019

I want Elijah el-Amin's picture everywhere. This is who you fail when you defend anything like what we saw from the right this past weekend. #JusticeForElijah pic.twitter.com/nbzNDD7FsS

— Daryle Lamont Jenkins (@DLamontJenkins) July 8, 2019

#JusticeForElijah I can’t believe AGAIN a young boy is killed by a white man and mental illness used as some sort of excuse. If the roles were switched, the penalty would be severe. White privilege in this country is disgusting when used in cases like these and many others.

— Babygirl Marii (@MariiBabygirl) July 8, 2019

And yet again another name to add to this already full flag of unarmed black men, women and children, but it’s a “mental health” issue. No, it’s a “too much melanin”. #JusticeForElijah pic.twitter.com/inKHVFBVxs

— K’La (@kalahspeaks) July 8, 2019

Y’all really out here trying to excuse the cold blooded murder of a 17 year old boy. The killer might have been mentally ill, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he killed Elijah because he was black. If the roles were reversed, how would this be playing out? #JusticeForElijah

— mots: shadow coming to end yall careers (@ggdefense) July 8, 2019

Michael Adams killed 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin over rap music.
Let me guess. The media's digging up everything they can on Elijah to paint him in a negative light. They will also portray Adams as a victim of his mental illness. #JusticeForElijah @foxnews @abcnews @CBSNews @cnn pic.twitter.com/aBl2IURZ0R

— Sherri D (@sherrishavon) July 8, 2019

Young black teens are being murdered in the US for wearing hoodies, playing with toys, listening to rap music, standing outside a store. This is a racial issue, not a mental health issue. These people are white supremacists and terrorists. Tired of this shit. #JusticeForElijah

— davey (@jerseyh0mo) July 8, 2019

White privilege is that idea that somehow racism is mental illness. FOH!! If a Black man killed a white kid for listening to country or rock music, not a single one of you fucks would talking about "mental illness." STFU! #JusticeForElijah

— James Bevel (@adeepusername) July 8, 2019

In a statement, Peoria Police Chief Art Miller said: "We are committed to detailed and complete investigations and we will determine why this violent act occurred. On behalf of the men and women of the Peoria Police Department, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim."

Adams was booked into a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of first-degree premeditated murder and is currently being held on a $1 million bond. He is due to appear next in court on July 15.

Michael Adams
Michael Adams has been charged with the first-degree murder of 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin. Peoria Police