Report: Justin Bieber Asked to Leave Mayan Site for Climbing on Ancient Ruins

Singer Justin Bieber was reportedly asked to leave a Mayan ruin after climbing on it. Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Singer Justin Bieber was asked to leave the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico, after climbing on them, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

An anonymous National Institute of Anthropology and History official said Bieber, 21, was visiting the ruins on Thursday while on vacation in the area. The pop star apparently attempted to scale one of the ancient sites and, says the official, was "asked to leave" as a result.

The official did not tell the Associated Press which ruin, exactly, Bieber allegedly attempted to climb. Some of the ruins are open to visitors, but others are closed with signs indicating tourists aren't allowed to scale the relic.

The Mayan city of Tulum dates to the 13th century and features ruins with a view of the sea. According to its website, the site is the third most visited of its kind in Mexico.

To add mystery to the already unusual case, the director of a nearby Mayan camp says Bieber was the perfect tourist. Nathalie Leño, a spokeswoman for a community Bieber visited on Tuesday, told the Associated Press he was "completely respectful" and said the singer "expressed a lot of interest in the work we do to preserve the environment."

Bieber has not addressed the matter publicly.