Justin Trudeau's Mom Calls Melania Trump's Cheek Kiss 'Cute,' Says He and His Wife 'Like Melania Very Much'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother weighed in on a viral image of First Lady Melania Trump cheek-kissing him, calling it "cute" and dispelling rumors the interaction was anything more than friendly.

In the photo, from the G7 summit in France in August, the first lady wears a red dress as she leans in and pecks Trudeau while President Donald Trump looks away with a seemingly sour expression.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Margaret Trudeau, author and ex-wife of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, "laughed merrily" about the viral photo with her son.

"That photograph was cute," she said, pointing out the larger context of the situation. "But it was one flash, one moment. A picture tells a story but doesn't tell the whole story."

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"Donald Trump was right in front of Melania," she added. "She was getting ready for a cheek-peck, I guess."

Margaret Trudeau said that her son, Justin, "is a tall glass of milk" and "everybody likes to look at someone nice."

"They have met before. They have a friendship. He and Sophie," she continued, referring to her son's wife, "Like Melania very much."

Margaret Trudeau admitted that she does not know the first lady personally, but that "there's an aloofness and quietness that means we don't know much about Melania."

While she saw the photo as indicative of nothing more than a friendly gesture, she admits she "cannot imagine" what it would be like to Donald Trump's wife and wished Melania Trump could influence the president in a positive way.

"I wish she'd talk to her husband," Margaret Trudeau said. "I think she's in charge of an anti-bullying campaign. Perhaps she should share some of her wisdom with him."

Referring to Melania Trump appearing to swat away the president's hand, Margaret Trudeau suggested that the first lady's role is evolving and "it can even be to the husband's detriment if his wife is by his side."

Melania Trump
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, First Lady Melania Trump and US President Donald Trump join G7 leaders and guests as they gather for a family picture in front of the Biarritz lighthouse on the second day of the annual G7 summit on August 25, 2019 in Biarritz, France. Singer John Legend shared the image of Trudeau and the First Lady after Trump attacked him and his wife Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty

"Sophie does not have to be at Justin's side while he campaigns, if she doesn't want to," Margaret Trudeau added.

She elaborated that first ladies "don't have to be standing next to our husbands beaming" and "have to be is strong women living our own lives, giving support to our partners in terms of being married to them but not being their clone or servant, or responsible for what they are saying." Women are no longer simply serving, but "right up there at the frontline," she said.

Margaret Trudeau reinforced her dislike for President Trump by saying that the prospect of him winning the 2020 election was "scary."

The viral photo led the hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau to trend on Twitter, and singer John Legend shared a GIF and commented, "Ah yes, Melania is otherwise occupied."

Justin Trudeau's Mom Calls Melania Trump's Cheek Kiss 'Cute,' Says He and His Wife 'Like Melania Very Much' | News