Justin Turner's Home Run Smashes Fans Nachos in Viral Video

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan became an internet sensation after sacrificing his in-game snack to catch Justin Turner's home run.

With the Dodgers leading 2-0 in the bottom of the third inning of their game against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night, Turner went deep, hitting to left-center field off Jon Gray to extend his team's lead.

As the ball traveled towards the stands, a fan sitting in the front row in the outfield, steadied himself to catch the ball.

Turner's homer barely cleared the fence and the umpires had to review the play to ensure the fan didn't interfere with the play. As it turned out, the fan had successfully held onto Turner's homer, but had done so at a cost.

Nacho nacho, man. pic.twitter.com/Q8fNdNXPii

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) April 15, 2021

The ball disintegrated his tray of nachos, resulting in cheese, sauce and fragments of tortilla chips being splattered all over his jacket.

Nacho average night. pic.twitter.com/1tEIAnYQar

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) April 15, 2021

Neither the sudden disappearance of his snack nor what could well be a permanently-damaged jacket seemed to bother the fan, who triumphantly held onto the ball and was congratulated by fellow spectators around him.

The Dodgers' official Twitter account got in on the fun itself, sharing two separate clips of the catch which were, rather aptly, captioned "Nacho nacho, man" and "Nacho average night".

The team then tweeted out a picture of the fan proudly showing the ball Turner had smashed out of the field and provided him with a free World Series sweatshirt, saving him the trouble of watching the remaining six innings covered in cheese and sauce.

Straight Cheesin cuz he caught the homerun ball 🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/7UR6T36Ttk

— Justin Turner (@redturn2) April 15, 2021

The fan's proverbial 15 minutes of fame didn't stop there, and he subsequently told Sportsnet LA that he had received some replacement nachos, which "word on the street" suggested came from Turner himself.

The Dodgers third baseman, who leads the team with a .390 average and a 1.166 OPS, confirmed as much after the game, apologizing for the incident.

"I saw it kinda splatter up and when they went to look at it and showed the replay, I saw that it was nachos," he said. "I felt bad. I'm sure it wasn't a two-dollar tray of nachos, so I wanted to replace it for the guy."

Turner's homer put the Dodgers 3-0 ahead, a lead the reigning World Series champions did not relinquish, defeating the Rockies 4-2.

The win was the Dodgers' fifth straight and improved their record to 10-2 for the season, putting them top of the National League West, two games ahead of the San Francisco Giants.

Los Angeles Dodgers fan
A fan holds up the home run ball of Justin Turner #10 of the Los Angeles Dodgers which landed in his nachos during the third inning against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium on April 14 in Los Angeles, California. Harry How/Getty Images