'Lightstick' Trends As K-pop Group Ateez Unveil New Official Merchandise

K-pop boy band Ateez have revealed full details of their official light stick ahead of its release on February 3.

Featuring a black and gold color palette with chrome trims, the light stick is shaped like a microphone with a globe-like sphere forming its top half. An arc extending from the axis of the sphere is engraved with the phrase: "8 MAKES 1 TEAM," with the number eight referencing the eight band members.

The high-tech glow sticks have several light settings (white, white blink, red aurora, green aurora) as well as a wireless control mode. Each stick comes with a small strap that can be secured around the wrist as well as a storage case in matching tones.

The design of the light stick has reportedly incorporated the idea of a fan who won a light stick design contest the group launched last year.

The item will be available for pre-order from 2 p.m. (Korean Standard Time) on January 22 at this website, where it is currently priced at 33,000 won ($28), before it is officially released on February 3, according to Soompi.

Ateez fans—collectively known as "Atiny" (a combination of the words Ateez and destiny)—have already been raving about the latest merchandise, posting messages on social media using the term "Lightstick" which has been trending on Twitter, along with other related terms such as "lightstick ateez"

"This lightstick is so beautiful #ATEEZ," wrote @jmismyhappiness.

"It's prettier than what I ever imagined. I'm so proud that this is our lightstick," wrote @CaptainJoongie.

"Why is everything ateez related so pretty and dreamy the lightstick literally has aurora mode lights and thats the most ateez thing ever...we're their aurora and they're ours and now we can create beautiful auroras for them on concerts too," wrote @ateezent.

"How thoughtful for them to put a gap on the bottom so the lightstick could stand," noted @ateezgift_.


"Ateez always provide us with the best! the lightstick is so pretty i love it i love them i love everything rn," wrote @kisekihwa.

Ateez made their debut in 2018 and has released two full studio albums and four EPs since, the latest of which—Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer—was unveiled earlier this month. Their next EP, titled Treasure EP. Map to Answer, is slated for release on February 12. Last year, the band won the award for Best Korean Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

K-pop Ateez Kentish Town London 2019
Ateez perform on stage at O2 Kentish Town Forum on April 3, 2019 in London, England. Getty Images
'Lightstick' Trends As K-pop Group Ateez Unveil New Official Merchandise | Culture