#BlackSwan Trends As BTS Release New Song From Upcoming Album With a New Video

K-pop royalty BTS released a new song titled "Black Swan" on Friday from their forthcoming album Map of the Soul: 7, which is out next month.

The band unveiled the song on their official Twitter account along with an "art film" featuring a modern dance performance shared on the group's official YouTube channel.

The black and grey look and feel of the video, set in what looks like an open warehouse or disused underpass of a highway, matches the dark and melancholy undertone of the new track, which is driven by the piercing cries of stringed instruments including the violin and cello.

The video starts with a quote that reads, "A dancer dies twice—once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful," from Martha Graham, the late American dancer, which was said to have inspired the new song.

The video sees seven dancers from Slovenia's MN Dance Company barefoot and dressed in all black performing a dramatic number as they move throughout the space. The performance culminates with the group's main dancer being raised towards the sky by the others while he flaps his arms like a bird.

The new song is somewhere between a ballad and a dance tune, with a rhythm that's heart-thumping and captivating in a different way from the group's previously released faster-paced songs. The track's heavy and emotional tone may suggest a new musical sound, style and direction for the band.

The song is described as a "dive deep into their inner selves as artists and faces the shadows they had once hidden," according to an official statement, Rolling Stone reports.

"The song lends voice to their fears that one day music will no longer be able to move or touch them.

"The very moment they come face to face with the Black Swan within themselves, however, they are stricken with a paradoxical retaliation that music is all they have.

"It is a confession of an artist who has truly learned what music means to himself," it said.

BTS fans—collectively known as the "Army"—have been sharing messages of their first impressions of the song and excitement for the upcoming album on social media using the hashtag #BlackSwan, which has been trending on Twitter, along with a string of other hashtags including #BlackSwanOutNow and #BTSIsComing among others.

The track has reportedly already reached No. 1 on both the U.S. and U.K. iTunes music charts, making it the band's first number one song in the U.K. and the first song in history by a Korean group to make it to No. 1 on iTunes in the U.K.

"If we get #BlackSwan performed with an orchestra in concert I may actually implode and cease to exist...@BTS_twt," wrote @msbeatrice_81.

"I'm in luv with this song. Thank you boys @BTS_twt #BlackSwanisOUT #BlackSwan straight to Ino.1," wrote @AlbulenA888.

🖤🦢 @BTS_twt' 'Black Swan' just became the FIRST song by a Korean group in history to reach #1 on iTunes in the UK! 🇬🇧👏#BlackSwan #BlackSwanOutNow #BTSIsComing pic.twitter.com/0D12g33Qf2

— BTS Europe 🌍 (Rest) (@BTS__Europe) January 17, 2020

"I think this comback will be insane The concept is crazy @BTS_twt, what is your surprise?? #BlackSwan," wrote @FellisyaHepta.

"When you have nothing left to live for, you have no passion left in life, that's your first death. That kills you inside out. The depth of the meaning just blown my mind. #BlackSwan #MOTS7," wrote @OniRabia.

"#Blackswan"by BTS is #1 in iTunes United States🇺🇲

— 방탄소년단 Publicity™ᴮᴱ⁷ (@BTSPublicity) January 17, 2020

Earlier this week, BTS unveiled an art project known as Connect, BTS, a global art initiative which sees the band curate a series of exhibitions showcasing the artwork of 22 artists from around the world. The first in the series was launched in London this week and others will be revealed n Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and New York in the coming months.

The new BTS album Map of the Soul: 7 will be released on February 21.

K-pop BTS Las Vegas May 2019
BTS performs onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images