#WeStandWithTheRose Trends As K-Pop Band Plans Legal Action Against Agency After Not Being Paid for Three Years Since Debut

K-pop group The Rose has filed a request to terminate their exclusive contract with agency J&Star for the "lack of payment, breakdown of trust, and violation of exclusive contract."

The group is reportedly pursuing legal action against the company, which they claim has not paid the group since their debut in 2017, despite enforcing a rigorous work schedule.

The four-piece band alleges the agency has yet to pay the group in the three years since its debut and put them on a demanding work schedule, including a 17-city U.S. tour for this year that was scheduled without their consent, despite the ongoing payment issues. The agency also allegedly failed to provide monthly revenue reports outlining revenue calculation procedures, which were promised around the time of signing their contract.

"We [The Rose] hope to terminate our contracts with the agency as soon as possible. We apologize to our fans," the group announced to media outlets.

The agency released a statement confirming it received a "certification of contents" requesting the termination of the exclusive contract due to "lack of payment, breakdown of trust, and violation of exclusive contract," Soompi reports.

"The Rose unilaterally notified [the company of] the termination of their contract, and they claimed that they will stop [attending] performances and broadcasts arranged by the company," J&Star told Star News on Friday.

The agency has refuted the latest allegations: "The Rose's claims that we 'violated terms in the exclusive contract' are entirely false," the company said in a statement.

"We have always informed The Rose of all of their promotional schedules such as overseas tours, broadcast activities, etc, well ahead of time, also coming to agreements with the members regarding each activity, not to mention preparation schedules such as practices, makeup, and such.

"We also provided The Rose with a document detailing all of the expenses and revenues from the band's full promotions since they signed the exclusive contract, and received confirmation that they saw the document," the company stated.

J&Star is reportedly planning to take counter legal measures against the band for breaches of contract and defamation of character, among other damages.

"The terms [of the contract] and content discussed in the certification of contents have no legal force. The Rose must dutifully take on their current ongoing schedule," J&Star told Star News.

Fans of The Rose have taken to social media to show their support for the band, sharing messages using the hashtag #WeStandWithTheRose, which has been trending on Twitter.

the rose are 4 incredibly talented boys. they write and make their own music about anxiety, depression etc.
the fact they’re they’re dealing with things like this in silence hurts. these boys deserve the world not to be treated like this #WeStandWithTheRose pic.twitter.com/PgWowTVFa0

— Ù‹ mimi ♡’s yaya | #westandwiththerose (@byulsberries) February 28, 2020

"Overworked and not being paid for 3 years they deserve so much better! Incredibly talented, kind, beautiful (inside & out) The Rose literally saved my daughter's life. I am forever grateful to them and will stand with them through this & beyond #WeStandWithTheRose," wrote @CurlygirlStacy.

"We got your back! You made the right decision and we will get through this together. #WeStandWithTheRose @TheRose_0803, wrote @SheLovesTheSea.

"Idk [I don't know] if u stan the rose or no, but right now they need our support more than ever after their company refused to pay them for the last 3 years and denied everything the members said about this situation please spread this I'm begging u #WeStandWithTheRose," wrote @KouClownsMaster.

"#WeStandWithTheRose No artists should be treated this way. They deserve much better, Please support The Rose," wrote @Pxkeona

The Rose joined the mainstream K-pop scene in 2017 with the release of their song "Sorry", which was named one of the best K-pop songs of that year by Billboard magazine. Their latest album, Red, was released last August.

K-pop band The Rose in Berlin Nov2019
K-pop band The Rose attend the International Music Awards (IMA) at Verti Music Hall on November 22, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

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