#WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH Trends as K-Pop Group Releases New Album 'As You Wish'

K-pop girl band WSJN, also known as Cosmic Girls, has released a new album and music video.

Titled As You Wish, the new EP features 7 new songs, including the title track "이루리" ("As You Wish") themed around "turning your imagination into reality" and is "a romance fantasy for girls as they wish," according to a statement on the website of Starship Entertainment, the management company of WJSN.

The new album and "As You Wish" music video was unveiled on Tuesday (6 p.m. Korean Standard Time) in a post on WJSN's official Twitter account. The new record marks the group's seventh album since WJSN's debut in 2016.

The title track, which represents the candid feelings of a "mysterious space girl" waiting to confess her love, is noted for its "sensational synth lines," while "all the elements in the music video captured each girl's emotions in detail," according to Starship.

"The album as a whole intersects flexibly between the original color of the girl and the transformation. The seven tracks, which have lyrical and trendy genres, have created a more refined form while maintaining the unique lyrical sentiment of the space girl," the company notes.

Fans of the girl group—collectively known as Ujungs—have welcomed the band's new release, flooding social media with messages of praise using the hashtag #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH, which has been trending, along with the Korean hashtag #우주소녀_소원을_이루리[Cosmic Girl will get her wish], on Twitter.

"I feel like they are trying to showcase more of the members' vocals in this comeback. Members who don't usually get much lines are able to show that they are capable vocalists, especially Dayoung and Yeoreum #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH," wrote @pervertsone.

"Guys, the lyrics, and the meaning of the song is so beautiful ㅠㅠㅠ. I'm crying I'm not lying 우주소녀_소원을_이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH," wrote @yoonme83.

as you wish song and choreo of the year #우주소녀_소원을_이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH 🌌 pic.twitter.com/r8SPS5W2kd

— bona loops (@bonaIoops) November 19, 2019

"I LOVE THIS PART SO MUCHHHHHBSHHSHS #우주소녀_소원을_이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH," wrote @wugvdan, referring to a colorful dance sequence in the music video for "As You Wish."

One user, @bonaIoops, believed the group is slated to win awards for "as you wish song and choreo of the year #우주소녀_소원을_이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH."

WJSN never fails to make the prettiest MVs, this is so so beautiful ❤️❤️#WJSN #우주소녀 #As_You_Wish #이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH #우주소녀_이루리 pic.twitter.com/F0VhC4MfXZ

— 호두파이💫 (@kdhdef) November 19, 2019

"WJSN never fails to make the prettiest MVs, this is so so beautiful #WJSN #우주소녀 [Cosmic girl] #As_You_Wish #이루리 #WJSN_AS_YOU_WISH #우주소녀_이루리," wrote @kdhdef.

WJSN joins a powerhouse of other cult K-pop girl groups on the global music scene. Earlier this month, Blackpink made by history becoming the first K-pop group to receive a billion views on YouTube with the music video for their song "뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)," which was reported to have become the second most viewed music video of all time within 24 hours of its release on June 15, 2018.

Cosmic Girls WJSN Asia Artist AwardsSeoul November 16, 2016
South Korean K-pop group Cosmic Girls pose on the red carpet of the 2016 Asia Artist Awards in Seoul on November 16, 2016. Getty Images