Dog Attacks Boy, 4, During Playdate, Mother Finds Him 'Covered in Blood'

A four-year-old boy is recovering after he was attacked and bitten in the face by a dog in Michigan earlier this month.

Kaiden McCray was attacked while playing at a relative's house in the east side of Detroit after a dog—a Mastiff Shepherd, according to Fox 2 Detroit—entered the backyard.

McCray's older brother and cousin intervened to get the dog away from him, but the incident left McCray's face, head, and legs injured.

Kaiden's mother, Jasmine, told Newsweek: "[Kaiden] had to have surgery to have lacerations repaired on his face, head and leg. He has received three rounds of rabies shots and has to have a follow-up visit with an ophthalmologist because of the damage to his eye.

"I am extremely upset about the attack, no child should have to endure such a painful traumatic experience but I am also grateful that he is still with me. As bad as it was it could have been worse."

Jasmine told Fox 2 Detroit her son was "covered in blood and barely responsive" when she arrived at the hospital after the attack.

Doctors think the injuries on Kaiden's face will heal over time, though his mother added they are continuing to monitor the vision in one of his eyes.

Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) is not yet reported to have located the dog or any owner responsible for the attack. Newsweek has contacted the DACC for comment.

Kaiden is due to undergo several rounds of rabies shots as a precaution. Burt has asked the dog's owner to come forward.

Jasmine has also launched a fundraising campaign to assist her with the costs of Kaiden's healthcare.

At the time of writing, $690 has been raised out of the $20,000 goal.

Jasmine told Newsweek she had grown up in Detroit and said dog incidents have "always been an issue."

In February, DACC officials said they were aiming to reduce the number of dog bites in Detroit to 200 for 2021. This would more than halve 2020's figure of more than 400.

A total of 412 dog bite incidents were reported in 2019 compared to 460 in 2018, the DACC has said.

The group said it was also working to increase the number of dogs in the city that are licensed. Denise Fair, Chief Public Health Officer, Detroit Health Department, said the department had "set higher expectations."

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has published safety tips regarding children and dogs.

It also states that dog owners should practice responsible ownership and has issued recommendations for ways that owners can reduce the risk their dog will bite someone.

This article has been updated to include comment from Kaiden's mother Jasmine.

Dog paws
A stock photo shows a dog with its paws against a metal fence. The family of the boy injured in the dog attack have launched a fundraiser for medical costs. Marta Urbańska/Getty