'Kakushigoto' Announces TV Anime Adaptation in 10th Volume of Manga Series

The publisher of ongoing manga series Kakushigoto revealed Friday that the story will be adapted into a TV anime, though the exact date remains a mystery.

The announcement came on a wrapper around the jacket of the 10th volume of the Koji manga series, which was released in Japanese bookstores on Friday, according to Anime News Network. The outlet went on to report that more information on the project will be available December 6 in the next issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine.

On Thursday, before the manga's tenth volume hit stores, the magazine posted news of the anime on its official Twitter page.

"Kakusogo, Vol. 10, Koji Kumeda, released on November 15, 2019 [TV animation will be decided!!]," the publication tweeted. "In January of 2020 / 'Monthly Shonen Magazine' (released on December 6, 2019), there is a detailed report on the TV animation!"

Kakushigoto can be best described as a slice-of-life comedy series, focusing on the bond between a father and daughter. At the story's center is a manga artist who draws mature content and wishes to keep his profession a secret from his impressionable little girl.

"Kakushi Goto is a manga author who has been drawing a little vulgar series in a weekly magazine. The most important thing for him is his only daughter Hime," the official series synopsis reads. "But he does not want her to learn that he is a manga artist. Because if she finds out about his work, she might hate him. With a help from his assistants and editor, he tries to pass his days without revealing his secret to her."

International anime streaming giant Crunchyroll noted that "the series' title contains a double meaning which can be translated into "A Secret" or "Drawing Job." It also appears to be a play on words with the name of the manga's central character.

The brainchild of manga content creator Kumeta Kouji, the series began as a regular feature of Monthly Shonen Magazine in 2015. Kumeta is no stranger to manga-to-anime adaptations; many of his other series have already received the animation treatment. Previous adaptations of Kumeta's work include Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, a satirical comic about an extremely negative school teacher, Katte ni Kaizo, about a young man who was a childhood prodigy until a head injury changed his personality and abilities, and Joshiraku, which follows the lives of a group of female comedians.

In 2016, anime production company SHAFT created a promotional video for Kakushigoto. The studio, founded in 1975 by Hiroshi Wakao, is the force behind the look of the popular series Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and had teamed up with Kumeta for anime adaptations of his work.

A large number of Japanese manga products are shown on sale in the Japantown neighborhood of San Francisco, California, March 14, 2018. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty