Kamala Harris: Americans Should Be 'Deeply Troubled' After Mike Pence Touts Plan to Stop Judges From Blocking 'Abhorrent' Immigration Policies

Americans should be "deeply troubled" by a new bid from the Trump administration to stop federal courts from blocking its hardline immigration policies with nationwide injunctions, Senator Kamala Harris warned Sunday.

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender sounded the alarm after Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump administration would seek to bring the issue of nationwide injunctions before the Supreme Court, with the goal of curtailing district judges' powers to block federal policies from taking effect.

"Everyone should be deeply troubled by the vice president stating that the Trump administration wants to prevent our courts from issuing nationwide blocks to their abhorrent policies," Harris said in a tweet on Sunday. "This is a blatant affront to our system of checks and balances and must be stopped."

Pence shared the Trump administration's plans to get the issue before the Supreme Court during an address at the Federalist Society's Seventh Annual Executive Branch Review Conference on Thursday. He called for an end to "this era of judicial activism."

Accusing federal judges who have issued nationwide injunctions that blocked the Trump administration's immigration policies of "compromising our national security by obstructing the lawful ability of the president to stop threats to the homeland where he sees them," Pence said the Supreme Court "must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them.

"It's remarkable to think a Supreme Court justice has to convince four of his colleagues to uphold a nationwide injunction—but a single district court judge can issue one, effectively preventing the duly elected president of the United States from fulfilling what he believes is a constitutional duty," the vice president said.

"Studies show that there's not a single example of a nationwide injunction in the first 175 years of our nation's history," Pence said. "It's imperative that we restore the historic tradition that district judges do not set policy for the whole nation.

"In the days ahead our administration will seek opportunities to put this very question before the Supreme Court to ensure that decisions affecting every American are made either by those elected to represent the American people or by the highest court in the land," the vice president said

Courts will typically issue injunctions as a court case plays out, with nationwide injunctions affecting everyone in the U.S., rather than exclusively applying to those involved in the case itself.

Since the Trump administration took office, however, district courts have demonstrated the full power of such injunctions. The government has seen its efforts to impose a number of its hardline policies, including its travel ban affecting predominantly Muslim-majority countries and as its ban affecting transgender military members, thwarted by lower courts.

"This obstruction at the district level is unprecedented," Pence said in his speech. "The truth is, our administration has been unfairly hit with more nationwide injunctions than the first 40 American presidents combined."

"For the sake of our liberty, our security, our prosperity and the separation of powers, this era of judicial activism must come to an end."

Senator Kamala Harris, a California Democrat who's running for president in 2020, speaks during the San Francisco Black Newspaper’s Anniversary Celebration on May 9, 2019 in San Francisco. Harris has sounded the alarm over the Trump administration's plans to take its fight to end nationwide injunctions before the Supreme Court. Justin Sullivan/Getty