College Volleyball Coach Allegedly Stole Players' Underwear, Categorized Them With Sex Toys in his Closet

A former assistant volleyball coach in Kansas broke into players' homes, stole dozens of pairs of underwear and categorized them in his closet, court documents allege.

Skyler Yee, 23, was storing clothing victims had reported missing, including pink high heels and a jumpsuit, according to an affidavit obtained this week by the Lawrence Journal-World. Detectives had also discovered bras, jewelry and sex toys "from unidentified owners," it said.

According to the local newspaper, the police affidavit said in Yee's closet was a "40-drawer clear plastic storage container" showing names of current and former KU volleyball players.

Inside each named drawer was women's underwear. Another collection was stored in six separate containers. Police did not comment on motive, but noted it was unlikely to be financial.

Officials further alleged that a room in Yee's residence was adorned with autographed posters of volleyball players, some names matching those on his pinched underwear collection.

Until January this year, the suspect helped coach University of Kansas Athletics. According to a bio still available online, Yee had been associated with teams there since at least 2013.

He was described online as the volunteer assistant coach for the women's team.

Earlier this month, he was hit with 15 counts of burglary, theft and criminal damage to property, The Wichita Eagle reported. His break-ins, entering through windows at the homes, allegedly occurred in December 2017, March 2018, December 2018 and January 2019.

Prosecutors filed a motion to argue the alleged crimes had been sexually motivated. Yee was identified as a suspect after police responded to a complaint on December 31 last year, court records confirmed, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. He has been released on bond.

Yee was ordered by the court to stay away from KU volleyball players at least until his next court appearance, currently scheduled for February 26, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

The affidavit said the suspect was captured on surveillance video and public CCTV close to a home which had been burgled last year. A dealership sticker on the vehicle tied him to the car.

In addition, the vehicle's computer showed it was at the scene of alleged crime. Based on the data, the car—loaned to Yee during a servicing—also went to a local Walmart. Video footage from the store showed a person who matched Yee's appearance using the same vehicle, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

Speaking to The Wichita Eagle earlier this month, the suspect's attorney, Casey Meek, said Yee intends to defend himself against the multitude of charges and maintains his innocence.

College Volleyball Coach Allegedly Stole Players' Underwear, Categorized Them With Sex Toys in his Closet | U.S.