Mom Choked Baby Daughter to Death Because She Was Crying All the Time—Police

A Kansas mother allegedly throttled her one-year-old daughter to death because she was crying, according to police.

Neriah Dilley, 27, was charged with first-degree murder and child abuse of her daughter My'onna Townley after the baby was found by investigators on October 9.

When officers arrived at the Wichita home, near Lincoln and Woodlawn, just after 3 p.m. they found Dilley as she attempted to revive her baby, according to KAKE, citing an affidavit.

Dilley told an officer she put Townley down for a nap and then had gone to sleep in a nearby bed, the outlet reported.

She said that she was later woken up by Townley gasping for air and then started CPR and called 911.

The probable cause affidavit, obtained by KAKE, stated that bruises and marks were found on Townley.

It read: "The responders noticed multiple bruises to Myonna [sic] including what appeared to be ligature marks on her neck."

When the marks were discovered, Dilley said the bruises were from previous events and said her 3-year-old child hit Townley with a toy and pushed her out of a chair.

Dilley did not call or seek medical help for her daughter's injuries, according to the outlet.

Townley was rushed to the Wesley Medical Center but was pronounced dead at 5:05 p.m. that day.

According to KAKE, a CT scan showed a diffused brain injury that was consistent with a lack of oxygen.

It also found a fractured jaw as well as a possible subdural hematoma, a buildup of blood on the surface of the brain.

An autopsy later found Townley had suffered from multiple cases of blunt force trauma, subdural hemorrhages and contusions and the manner of death was ruled to be a homicide.

Dilley later told investigators that she was "overwhelmed by Myonna [sic] crying all the time."

An affidavit obtained by KAKE alleged Dilley admitted and then demonstrated how she put her hands around Townley's throat.

She is also alleged to have said that she put her hand over Townley's mouth in one particular incident.

The document said: "Neriah thought that Myonna [sic] was alright after the incident, but after twenty minutes began having trouble breathing.

"Neriah then called 911. Neriah advised she was sorry, and would take it all back if she could."

Dilley is due to appear in court on Thursday, October 28.

Newsweek has contacted the Wichita Police Department for comment.

A woman claiming to be Townley's grandmother shared a post on, a website where people can ask for money contributions towards funeral costs.

The post read: "My'onna's death was very unexpected, and I don't have the funds that's needed to give my Granddaughter the proper burial.

"Anything donated will be used to offset funeral costs. Any donations beyond our goal will be used to help with my other Granddaughter Financially. Thank you so much to everyone in advance for your support. God Bless!"

As of Wednesday morning, $50 had been raised out of a $5,000 target.

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