Kansas University Hospital Shooting: Two Dead, One Injured in Murder-Suicide

police tape
Authorities say two victims of a shooting were chased by an armed man to the Kansas University Medical Center on December 3. The suspect then shot the male victim again before shooting and killing himself. The female victim's injuries are reportedly not life-threatening. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

An armed man chased two people through Kansas City, Kansas, to the entrance of the University of Kansas Medical Center on Monday night before fatally shooting himself, police said.

The man allegedly injured a woman and left a male victim in critical condition, Kansas City police said. Police Chief Terry Zeigler said on Tuesday that the shooting was a domestic dispute that originated near Seventh Street and Osage Avenue.

Authorities received a report of a shooting around 11:30 p.m. Monday at Seventh and Osage before being called to a shooting at the hospital, police spokesman Tom Tomasic told The Kansas City Star. Tomasic said the two victims, a male and a female, were injured in the initial shooting and drove themselves to the hospital seeking medical attention.

The alleged shooter reportedly pursued the two victims to the hospital. Once there, the male victim attempted to run inside the main entrance. The suspect caught up with the victim and shot him again before turning the gun on himself.

"I know that car has, at least on one side of it, the victim's car has some glass shattered out of it," Tomasic told news station KSHB. "So we believe that, obviously, the shooting started down there and they tried to flee up here."

Hospital staff received an alert system text message about an active shooter on campus around midnight. The mass text message urged employees to "run, hide, and fight" and to avoid the hospital's main entrance. Staff received an "all clear" shortly before 12:30 a.m.

Tomasic said the victims and the suspect were rushed to the emergency room, where the suspect was declared dead. On Tuesday, Ziegler confirmed that the male victim, identified as Dominic Garcia, 28, of Kansas City, died on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, the University of Kansas Medical Center said the female victim's injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. No hospital or university employees were injured during the shooting, the hospital said, adding that it would remain open, as will all of its clinics.

"Last night we had an unfortunate incident that took place in front of KU Hospital main entrance," KUMed Center Police tweeted on Tuesday. "Thank you to the staff who was present during this event, who continued to focus on our patients and provide the best care possible. The campus is safe and open today."