Kanye West and Elon Musk's Odd-Ball Bromance, a History

Rapper Kanye West and SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk's zany bromance stirred public interest after West tweeted out a photo of the two.

When you go to your boys house and you’re both wearing orange 🍊 pic.twitter.com/IyPOdEKaVY

— ye (@kanyewest) July 1, 2020

The 43-year-old rapper tweeted out a picture of the two on Wednesday, noting that they were both wearing orange, although Musk was only wearing a black t-shirt with an orange on it-very different from West's bright orange jacket.

Some people compared the pair to other iconic duos, while others called for a crossover between Tesla and West's Yeezy clothing company, which just announced a partnership with Gap. Still, some dissed the picture, simply stating that they didn't like the two hanging out.


— Did DONDA Drop Today? (@didjesusdrop) July 1, 2020

don't like this image https://t.co/D0kY7IAO0m

— president stupid j moron (@bambooney) July 1, 2020

Nonetheless, the picture is just the latest installment of West and Musk's long, beautiful, dark, twisted friendship, where each has shown the other a mutual admiration and respect.

Press contacts for Tesla and SpaceX did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment in time for publication. Universal Music Group, which Def Jam and West's GOOD Music labels are under, did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment in time for publication.

April 2015-Musk Pens an Ode to Ye

While not as poetic as Hanif Abdurraqib "Ode to Kanye West," the SpaceX CEO wrote the blurb for West's inclusion in Time magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People. Besides praising West's music and continued ambition in the pop cultural sphere, he also lauded the way he finds ways to manipulate the public narrative surrounding him. "The dude doesn't believe in false modesty, and he shouldn't," he wrote. "[H]e fought for his place in the cultural pantheon with a purpose...[h]e wants everybody else to do the same: to engage, question, push boundaries. Now that he's a pop-culture juggernaut, he has the platform to achieve just that. He's not afraid of being judged or ridiculed in the process."

March 2018-Musk Names West as an Influence at SXSW

During a panel at South by Southwest, Musk named West and actor Fred Astaire as two of the people who inspire him. When asked, he responded, "Well, Kanye West, obviously."

April 2018-Kanye Loves his Tesla

I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon.

— ye (@kanyewest) April 23, 2018

In a series of tweets in April 2018, West publicly thanked Musk for his Tesla. He wrote that he heard the cars were environmentally friendly and said that he felt "super chaaaaaarged." After saying he was "Bout to take this whole thing to mars [sic]," Kanye also tweeted that it was the "funnest car" he'd ever driven.

October 2018-"Leave Elon Musk Alone"

kanye really came to our little art school and told us to leave elon musk alone pic.twitter.com/Y9ujjprUNS

— josh 🗣 (@jkhtweets) October 2, 2018

A video captured by a student at Detroit's College for Creative Studies, according to The Detroit Free Press, shows West standing on a desk ranting and called on people to back off of Musk. "Elon Musk. I don't give a f**k who's at his house. Leave that man the f**k alone," he said. While it's unclear what exactly West was referring to in the short clip, this was just two months after singer Azealia Banks tweeted claims that she was stuck in Musk's house over the weekend to work with his girlfriend-singer Grimes-but she was "coddl[ing]" him while he was high, as reported by The New York Times. Musk told The Times that drugs were not involved in a tweet he wrote about "taking Tesla private at $420."

kanye west elon musk
George Lucas, Kanye West and Elon Musk attend TIME 100 Gala, TIME's 100 Most Influential People In The World at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 21, 2015 in New York City. Kevin Mazur/Getty