New Jersey Restaurant Praised for Sign Offering Free Food: 'Won't Ask a Single Question'

A sign in a New Jersey restaurant offering free food to those in need has been praised online after a popular post captured the gesture.

Posted to the popular Subreddit "Humans Being Bros," which shines lights on people doing good things and restoring faith in humanity, the sign has gained over 50,000 upvotes after a diner shared an image of it. "This restaurant offers food for free if you can't afford it," they wrote.

The sign itself is hung in Karachi Kafe in Vorhees, New Jersey and offers the food to diners in need, informing them that all they need to do is ask.

"My dear," it begins. "If you are hungry and can't afford to buy food, please don't be shy. Your food is on Karachi Kafe. Just ask for a free box, we won't ask a single question."

According to the Reddit user who shared the sign, the free box is a "small, simple meal" that is "enough to stop someone from going hungry." It's this, they wrote, that likely stops anyone abusing the goodwill.

"Also, it's a rather small, unpopular place so I doubt any of those people would be there," they added, in response to concern that bad-intentioned people would claim the free food despite not being in need.

Karachi Kafe addressed the newfound attention thanks to the sign in a Facebook post today, writing: "We really appreciate all the love. This is a woman-owner business and our founder believes in giving back to the community, [it] is very very important, and for this specific reason we are not accepting any donations, as you are trying to give donations, but we really appreciate all the support from you."

The sign has sparked a flurry of Reddit users sharing their own personal anecdotes of similar restaurants in their lives that have offered such generosity.

"There was a middle eastern restaurant that opened in the rural college town I lived in after I graduated. At first, folks were kind of weird about it but they had kick ass late night shawarma, doner, etc so some kids would get it after the bars," noted one user.

"Then Christmas came around and they had a huge FREE meal for everyone who either couldn't go home or couldn't afford a big meal for their family. After that, the community supported them like nothing I have rarely seen in towns like that. Of course they also had a sign up like this and the two families that owned it were always so kind and really got involved with the local community. I miss that place a bunch."

Another user added: "A pizza place in my hometown has 'suspended slices.' They have a dish by the cash with little stones in it. If you're in a rough spot you can use one of the stones to get a slice of pizza. The stones are bought by other customers."

"It's really nice, and a real 'pay it forward' kind of initiative," they continued, before diverting attention to media reports of a local resident who purchased $100 worth of the slices.

Karachi Kafe's heartwarming sign isn't the only time a restaurant has gone viral for a gesture of kindness this festive season.

Last week, a good Samaritan left every employee in a restaurant a $100 tip, before immediately leaving. The tip was similarly shared to the "Humans Being Bros" subreddit, where it gained over 52,000 upvotes.