Kat Von D's Blood Red Swimming Pool Is Truly Horrifying

Lounging by a swimming pool is the epitome of a relaxing summer's activity, but would you feel as calm if the pool was blood red?

Well, that is what American tattoo artist Katherine Von Drachenberg, known professionally as Kat Von D, has in her garden and, although it is somewhat spooky, it looks very cool indeed.

Images of the pool, which belongs in the former LA Ink star's 1890-built Victorian-style home in central Los Angeles, have recently gone viral on Twitter.

This is because they were shared by user Gwendalupe Estefani, known on the website as TheFatDoja.

In the sunny snaps, we can see both a large red swimming pool and a hot tub, and the water is surrounded by stone paving and sunbeds with matching red umbrellas.

Estefani captioned the images, writing: "This person decided to paint the bottom of their pool red instead of blue. This kind fire."

This person decided to paint the bottom of their pool Red instead of blue. This kind fire. pic.twitter.com/D7OaUJ8HAU

— Gwendalupe Estefani (@TheFatDoja) August 8, 2021

Since the images were shared on Twitter on August 8, they have received more than 231,500 likes and 20,900 retweets.

Many people have also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the bold design feature.

One person who goes by the Twitter handle PrettyBaddie23 wrote: "You knoooowww,...... It be quite easy to disguise actual blood from a murdered person in that pool as long as you remove the body afterward."

Another social media user known as ECasts added: "Imagine having the police called at your place and they see a red pool."

User enby_gamer commented: "The fact that stuff like this isn't more common shows how many cowards there are.

"Then again a red pool looks like blood, a yellow pool looks like p*ss, it'd be hard to know when a green pool needed cleaning... I guess I can understand why blue is often picked. Give us pink pools!"

Von D, 39, also shared footage of her unique pool to her Facebook account on October 19, 2020. The short video is captioned: "Sunday pool party with Rafael Reyes," alongside a string of red love-heart emojis.

In the clip, her musician husband Reyes and their two-year-old son Leafer can be seen enjoying the colorful pool, which is located at the home she purchased back in 2016 for $6.5 million.

In the comments section, many people gushed over the red waters, with Jonathan Stack writing: "That pool is so sick looking!!! Absolutely love it. Beautiful house too."

Chantal Daniels exclaimed: "That pool is awesome never seen anything like it. Enjoy your beautiful fam."

Echo Nichole Kimball stated: "So adorable and such a beautiful pool....I Love Red!"

Kat Von D
Kat Von D at a make up launch in London in 2016. The star's blood red swimming pool has been taking the internet by storm. Getty