Kate Middleton's Key to Looking 'Stunning' in Photos Goes Viral on TikTok

The key to Kate Middleton looking "stunning" in photographs while out on public engagements has gone viral after being analyzed in a video uploaded to social media platform TikTok.

The royal's pose-perfect posture was the subject of a video uploaded by stylist and fashion commentator Miranda Holder and since its posting to TikTok it has gained over 2.7 million views and 270,000 likes.

The discussion comes as Kate has made an increasing number of public engagements over the course of the year, including a lengthy tour of the Caribbean in March and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

Kate Middleton Photo-Tip Viral Video
Kate photographed (L) at the Trooping the Colour parade on June 2, 2022, (R) at the jubilee service on June 3, 2022, and (inset) at Royal Ascot on June 17, 2022. A viral TikTok video with over 2.7 million views identifies Kate Middleton's photo-perfect posture, which achieves consistently regal results. Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Samir Hussein/WireImage

As Queen Elizabeth II continues to delegate many of her official engagements to Prince Charles due to "episodic mobility problems," Kate and Prince William will probably also see their share of royal duties increase.

More public appearances means more photo opportunities, which to the delight of royal watchers, Kate doesn't seem to shy away from.

In the viral video, Holder poses the question: "Have you ever wondered why Kate Middleton looks so stunning in her photographs? Because she does. Every single one."

The stylist attributes a key element of Kate's posture—which she claims helps to achieve the royal's photo-perfect look—to professional "media training."

"She has simply been trained to always keep her chin parallel to the ground," Holder offers.

"She doesn't tilt [her head] down, she doesn't tilt it up and that ensures a flattering photograph every single time."

Of her video, Holder told Newsweek: "I know so many people who hate having their photo taken, thinking they are 'unphotogenic,' so when I discovered that Kate had had media training and learned a few helpful tricks along the way, I just had to share."

"There are so many style lessons that we can learn from Kate, which is why I feature her so much on my TikTok and YouTube accounts," she continued.

"She has brought the glamour and anticipation back to the Royal Family that we previously experienced with her mother in law, Princess Diana."

Many commenters agree with Holder's observation, calling the duchess "beautiful" and "a natural."

One poster was prompted to write: "Most gorgeous royal to date. And yes, I think she's even more stunning than Diana was"

Others, however, conceded that though this media training tip may help the royal, further factors also play into her pristine public image.

"Good posture and just good genes. The woman is stunning," one user said.

"It's definitely not just that... she is stunning, slim and dresses fantastic plus her makeup and hair are always perfect!!!" wrote another.

Kate Middleton 2022 Photographs
Kate photographed (L) at a fashion awards ceremony in London on May 4, 2022, and (R) in Belize during the Cambridges' Caribbean tour on March 22, 2022. Her key to perfect photographs stems from keeping her chin parallel to the ground, according to a fashion stylist and TikTok creator. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate's consciousness regarding image construction is evident in her personal passion for photography, which she has demonstrated over a number of years, becoming the patron of the Royal Photographic Society.

As well as taking annual birthday photographs of her three children, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, Kate has also undertaken a number of projects including photographing holocaust survivors for a special exhibition marking Holocaust Memorial Day in 2020.

The most recent professional photographic project undertaken by Kate was to photograph her step-mother-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for a special 75th birthday magazine collaboration.

It was revealed ahead of the release of Camilla's guest-edited edition of Country Life magazine that the duchess had asked Kate if she would take the cover image.

"We had a lot of fun doing it," Camilla told editors of the shoot in an accompanying documentary. "She's a very good photographer and it was all very casual, you know, there wasn't much hair and makeup."

Kate herself was at the center of a rare formal photoshoot at the beginning of the year as she posed for the fashion photographer Paolo Roversi to mark her 40th birthday.

The three images released from the photoshoot show the royal dressed by Alexander McQueen in a variety of poses—each seemingly abiding by Holder's identified trait of keeping her chin parallel to the ground.

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