Katharine McPhee Heads for Hollywood

The "American Idol" star makes her movie debut in "The House Bunny" as a pregnant sorority girl. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Did you like playing pregnant?
It was fun. But I had to wear this big pad that was like a baby onesie. It clasped at the crotch. Every time I had to go to the bathroom, I had to unclasp it.

You just got married and had Kellie Pickler as a bridesmaid. Why didn't you ask Sanjaya?
Because Sanjaya wasn't on my season. And I wasn't very good friends with him.

Did you invite Simon and Paula?
No, I'm not that close with them. It's not like in a bad way, but I don't hang out with them on the weekends.

Do you get tired of people bringing up the 19-year age difference between you and your husband?
You know, not that many people bring it up.

Had you always been attracted to older men?
No. He's the first and last old man that I'll be attracted to.

I didn't call him old—just older.
That's a good way to put it.

Are you really going to have 15 kids together?
That's what I thought before I got married. I still want to have babies. I just don't know if I want that many. Unless I'm like Angelina and Brad and start adopting 12 kids at a time.