Kathy Griffin Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene a 'Dumb B****' for Comparing COVID to Cancer

Kathy Griffin has branded Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a "dumb b****" for a recent Twitter thread in which the congresswoman compared COVID-19 to cancer.

On Saturday, the Georgia Republican took to Twitter to lash out at COVID safety measures, stating that hundreds of thousands of people die from cancer in the U.S. each year but the country has "never once shut down" over the disease.

Greene's tweets drew backlash online, with a number of detractors criticizing her for appearing to suggest that cancer is contagious.

And Griffin—who recently announced that she's cancer-free, four months after revealing her Stage I lung cancer diagnosis—counted herself among Greene's critics.

Quoting Greene's Twitter thread to her 2 million followers, the comedian wrote: "Lookit this dumb bitch right here with her 'cancer is airborne' s***."

In part of her thread, Green wrote: "Since #COVID19 tracking has started, 780,000+ people have died in 22 mo in the US, but more than 1 million still died of cancer. More have died in 2021 from covid than 2020 in spite of Gov mandated widespread vaccines, mass public masking, & trillions spent."

"It's time to take a different approach based on the facts," she went on. "Covid predominately targets obese & older people. Shutdowns, masking, and vaccines are not stopping covid, that is just government control. Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, & other treatments are saving lives."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that taking large doses of Ivermectin, a parasitic medicine that has not been approved as a safe treatment for COVID-19, can be highly toxic and even lead to death.

In late November, a spokesperson for Greene shared an email with Newsweek, in which the congresswoman discussed her vaccination status as she weighed in on President Joe Biden's decision to restrict travel from South Africa, where the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was first detected.

"I'm not vaccinated just like 94% of African people, and the Democrats hate it," she said. "Watch how the travel ban lifts after 'talks' when the U.S. announces their 'life-saving' plan with global partners to provide free vaccines to South Africa, who has the lowest COVID death rate."

Meanwhile, Griffin revealed during a November 29 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she is now cancer-free, following her August lung cancer diagnosis.

Explaining her higher-pitched voice as she arrived on the ABC talk show, Griffin said: "I had surgery. You're not going to believe this... I've never smoked but I got lung cancer. In August, I had half of my left lung removed I'm not even kidding."

When Kimmel asked if her cancer treatment was successful, Griffin responded: "Yes! So I'm cancer free... I don't know why, I had a tumor, right? And I've never smoked, and it was in there for 10 years.

"So get this—they took it out, and they found it on another scan. So I go in, and here's the thing: when you're a comic, it's horrible when the doctors want to do their material on you.

"So I go in, and he's describing how they take half your lung out, and he goes, 'It's kind of like a balloon. So we do it laparoscopically and we poke it.' And then he goes, 'And when we take it out, it kind of looks like a used condom.' And then he goes, 'You can use that!'"

Kathy Griffin and Marjorie Taylor Greene
Kathy Greene (L) has criticized Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), after the congresswoman compared COVID-19 to cancer in a recent Twitter thread. OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images/RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images;