Katy Perry Talks about Orlando Blooms' Clumsy Proposal

For the first time since announcing her engagement, Katy Perry describes the details of Orlando Bloom's Valentine's day proposal on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

After the couple had dinner, the 34-year-old singer initially expected look at art. To her surprise, the 42-year-old actor took her on a helicopter ride where the actor popped the question.

The couple had been in an on and off relationship since 2016.

The helicopter landed on a rooftop building where family and friends were waiting.

"Orlando had planned this for a while," a Bloom source told People this month. "He wanted it all to be special."

Before proposing, the English actor's source said he sought her parents' blessings. Perry was the only person unaware of the proposal despite having conversations with the actor "about getting engaged for a while," another source told People last month.

Despite the preparation, the Lord of the Rings star's execution didn't go smoothly.

Bloom showed Perry a note to divert her attention as he pulls out the $5 million flower-shaped ring.

"I voiced my opinions," the singer responded when host Jimmy Kimmel asked about her influence on the pink centered ring's design.

The box was too big for Bloom's pocket and on the process of trying to pull it out, he knocked over a bottle of Champaign.

"He was going to pull it out while I'm reading it, so I'm reading it but I'm hearing the champagne is like broken, the bottle's everywhere," said Perry.

In the end, the chart-topping singer still thought, "he did so well."

Perry posted a photo the day after the engagement on Instagram with her new fiancé, the ring and heart-shaped balloons on the background with the caption, "full bloom."

The two met three years ago, at the Golden Globes, when Bloom stole an In-N-Out burger off of her table, Perry told Kimmel.

"I was sitting with Denzel Washington, and he took it and I was like, 'Wait, who? Oh, you're so hot. Fine, take it,'" she said. "Then I saw him at a party and I was like 'How are those onions resting on your molars?' He's like, 'I like you.'"

The two's first marriages ended in divorce, Bloom with supermodel Miranda Kerr and Perry with comedian Russell Brand. Bloom had an eight-year-old son, Flynn Christopher Bloom, his ex-wife of three years while with Perry's marriage lasted a year.