Donald Trump Says He 'Could Be Persuaded' by Testimony From Brett Kavanaugh's Accusers

President Donald Trump said that he believed his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but could be convinced otherwise by Thursday's Senate hearing. Kavanaugh stands accused of sexual abuse by three women who knew him in high school and college.

Trump addressed reporters Wednesday in a rare presidential press conference at the Palace Hotel in New York City. "This is one of the highest quality people i've ever met," he said of Kavanaugh. "These are all false to me, and in certain cases, even the media agrees with me. What they've done to this man is incredible."

Kavanaugh was accused by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford this month of sexual assault at a high school party in Washington D.C. Blasey claims the nominee held her down on a bed and covered her mouth in an attempted rape. She will testify in front of the U.S. Senate this Thursday.

Since Ford came forward, two other women, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, have shared similar stories. Ramirez said that Kavanaugh revealed himself to her at a Yale College party, and Swetnick claimed that he would regularly partake in sexually abusive behavior in high school. All three women claim the nominee was highly intoxicated while participating in the alleged abuse.

Kavanaugh took to Fox News this week to defend himself against the allegations, and denied all counts of abuse.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly defended his nominee, and has called the accusations a high-level Democratic con game.

"The Democrats are playing a high-level CON GAME in their vicious effort to destroy a fine person," Trump tweeted Tuesday. "It is called the politics of destruction. Behind the scene the Dems are laughing. Pray for Brett Kavanaugh and his family!"

The president has linked the successful nomination of Kavanaugh to Republicans taking the House and Senate in the midterm elections. "Chuck Schumer is laughing behind closed doors," he said Wednesday.

Trump also said that his own accusations of sexual abuse have made him more likely to believe the accused instead of the accusers. "It has impacted my opinion because I've had a lot of false charges made against me, so when I see it I view it differently than someone sitting at home watching television," he said.