Forget organic catnip and PuchiBag carriers. Today's well-accessorized pet is carrying health insurance. Besotted owners are expected to spend $8.3 billion this year to keep their pets healthy, and more of them are trying to cut costs with health insurance. If you're one of them, be careful. Pet policies are as small-print-intensive as the human kind. They start at about $10 a month but run as high as $56 for top-of-the-line coverage and usually carry deductibles and copays. At least you won't have to worry about PPO lists: you can usually take your pet to any vet and be reimbursed. Shop policies on the Web: Market leader Veterinary Pet Insurance (, Pethealth ( and Petsmarketing Insurance ( are the best-known choices. Pick the right one and you may be able to buy Fido that bandanna after all.