Keeping Up With the Beemers

Audi's inner beauty nearly eclipses its fetching skin on this S5 coupe. For so long, Audi played catch up to BMW's performance machines; lately, it has pulled alongside—if not beaten—its Germany competitor. At about $58,000 loaded (including Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive), the S5 delivers plenty of sporty performance and sleek style. It features carbon fiber trim, just like a Ferrari's. And the central mouse dial controls all audio, climate and navigation, which appear on a large, colorful screen. The heated 10-way power seats are comfortable and well bolstered. The two pairs of chromed pipes look athletic. But the best part is how well they're tuned to deliver a deep and nasty exhaust note that pairs so beautifully with the car's excellent acceleration and overall performance.

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