Comedian Kelly Bachman Gains Thousands of Twitter Followers After Viral Video Shows Her Confronting Harvey Weinstein in NYC Bar

At a New York event on Thursday, comedian Kelly Bachman called out disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein from the stage during her set. Video of her confrontational improvisation has since gone viral, and the comic's Twitter following has shot up since the video was originally shared by fellow performer Amber Rollo. Bachman now has over 50,000 followers.

Bachman performed at the event Actor's Hour at a bar called Downtime in Manhattan. In the video, Bachman referred to Weinstein as "a Freddy Krueger in the room" and stated, "I didn't know that we have to bring our own mace and rape whistles to Actor's Hour, y'all." After some boos and one attendee yelling "Shut up," she added, "This kills at group therapy for rape survivors. I have been raped, surprisingly by no one in this room, but I've never gotten to confront those guys."

Bachman made light of all the followers she gained in a tweet that also shared the clip. She wrote, "Keep getting new followers today is it because my tweets are so fire? lol," before noting that it was her second-ever tweet.

In an Instagram story, Bachman shared a text from the host of the show where he confirmed that the disgraced film producer had attended the event previously. She also wrote that the next comic praised Weinstein for producing Good Will Hunting, before quipping that Pulp Fiction (another Weinstein production) was better. Bachman also stated that he was the one who booed in the video. The same comic also wrote that he didn't find Bachman funny. She responded, tweeting "If I want to call out a monster as someone with rape trauma myself I need to come locked and loaded with roasts/be as funny as Dave Chappelle while also staring into the face of the literal devil."

Since the video's release, the comedy community has rallied around Bachman. Many shared the video and showed their support. Comic Guy Branum wrote, "This is free speech in action." Nikki Glaser said she was "floored and inspired by this woman's bravery." Tim Dillon tweeted that Harvey Weinstein should not be allowed to enjoy a comedy show.

Comics and actors Busy Phillips and Mark Lawrence called Bachman a hero. Actress Alyssa Milano also thanked Bachman for calling out Weinstein "in person, right to his face, and I'm in love." Big Mouth writer Mitra Jouhari noted, "Doing things like this is so scary," and praised Bachman not only for her bravery but for her comedic ability.

So many online were also flabbergasted that some would boo at Bachman's bravery. Journalist Erin Biba was one of many who pointed out the lingering support for Weinstein, while author Jenna Guillaume wrote, "This really has me shaken."

The story of Bachman's comedic takedown had already travelled across the Atlantic Ocean and been translated by Friday morning. One Dutch Twitter user provided a counterpoint to the widespread outpouring of support for Bachman, writing that the comic should be "grateful" to Weinstein who, he alleged, "made her famous."

Comic writer Lane Morgue pointed to responses such as the boos Bachman faced and comments like the Dutch tweet to point out that "when it comes to powerful men who hurt women, cancel culture doesn't exist."

Bachman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. She had over 56,000 followers on Twitter as of Friday morning.

Harvey Weinstein called out
Harvey Weinstein attended "Actor's Hour" at Downtime in New York on Thursday evening. He was confronted by three women, including Kelly Bachman who called out Weinstein during her comedy set. Many have shared the viral video, calling Bachman "a hero." Yana Paskova/Getty
Comedian Kelly Bachman Gains Thousands of Twitter Followers After Viral Video Shows Her Confronting Harvey Weinstein in NYC Bar | News