Kellyanne Conway to Democrats: 'Stop the Nonsense of Harassing and Embarrassing' Trump With Impeachment Talks

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway on Sunday slammed the Democratic-controlled House over their ongoing push for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The House Judiciary Committee approved a resolution last week that allowed and detailed procedures for the panel to adhere to as it continues its lengthy investigation into whether Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Although House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said the vote indicates the beginning of "an aggressive series of hearings," Democratic lawmakers still appear to be divided over whether launching impeachment proceedings with a Republican-controlled Senate would ultimately led to an acquittal, which could then help Trump's chances of reelection in 2020.

During her appearance on Fox News Sunday, host Bill Hemmer, who was filling in for Chris Wallace, asked Conway about the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

It's "complete nonsense," Conway said. "Even Jerry Nadler said, 'Impeachment is just a term.' This is a process. They need to get a messaging meeting and they need to read the constitution of the Democratic party."

"Americans, the Congress, they work for you," Conway continued, "and they're wasting your money and their time on trying to impeach a president where there are no high crimes and misdemeanors. They thought the Mueller report would be the end all. They even had Bob Mueller come and talk about the Mueller report and it was a disaster."

"Stop the nonsense of harassing and embarrassing this president and the people around him when you have no constitutional or legal basis to do so," she urged.

Congressman Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS during Face the Nation on Sunday, "Yes, we're doing an investigation that will ultimately determine whether the president should be impeached."

Schiff also acknowledged that members of his party were still split on the issue. Some want to "vote to impeach and remove the president tomorrow," he said, while others think it would be a "failed exercise" when it reaches the Senate.

"The vast majority of our caucus, including our leadership, is of the view that we should do the investigation before we determine whether the president should be impeached," Schiff added. "That's the category that I fit in and that's the work that we're doing."

Schiff's remarks come after Nadler defended his party's impeachment efforts against Trump amid criticisms that Democratic lawmakers had been sending out mixed messages on how the panel is dealing with the matter.

"If a head of a committee such as yours believes what you obviously believe, your duty in the Constitution is to start investigating to see if you have the facts for grounds for impeachment, and it is called an impeachment inquiry. Is that what you are doing right now?" CNN host Chris Cuomo asked Nadler on Friday.

"It is not necessarily called an impeachment inquiry. That's a made-up term without legal significance. It is, however, what we are doing," Nadler responded. "We have been very clear for the last several months in filings with the court, in public statements, in official statements in the committee that we are conducting an investigation with the purpose, among other things, of determining whether to report articles of impeachment to the entire House."

Kellyanne Conway
White House advisor Kellyanne Conway interacts with supporters as U.S. President Donald J. Trump speaks during a "MAGA" rally at the Williamsport Regional Airport on May 20, 2019 in Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Conway on Sunday slammed Democrats over their ongoing push for President Donald Trump's impeachment. Mark Makela/Getty