Kellyanne Conway Says Independent Voters 'Abhor this Impeachment Charade'

White House counsel Kellyanne Conway has touted polls suggesting independent voters are not keen on the ongoing impeachment inquiry, commenting that they had witnessed "the most partisan exercise in the last several years."

Speaking in an interview with Watters' World on Saturday, Conway described the impeachment inquiry as a charade and said it hadn't affected President Donald Trump's support base.

"It's not just that the base won't leave him but look what's happened with independents," Conway said during a Saturday interview with Jesse Watters.

"They abhor this impeachment charade, the polls among... impeach... among independents have been going in the wrong direction for the Democrats and why? Because independents call themselves that because they don't particularly like Democrats or Republicans.

"They like to fancy themselves independent and non-partisan and they have witnessed the most partisan exercise in the last several years against this president," Conway continued, before going on to dissect the Ukraine phone call that has become central to the impeachment inquiry.

The phone call came to light following a whistleblower complaint that alleged the president had pressured Ukraine into investigate his political rivals ahead of the 2020 election. Trump denies there was any pressure or quid pro quo involved in the call, despite aid to Ukraine being withheld around the time of the conversation.

However, a recent poll from The Economist/YouGov, conducted between 7-10 December and surveying 1500 registered voters showed that independents were not backing Trump in droves over the impeachment inquiry, however many of their responses were more closely aligned with Republicans than with Democrats.

In response to the question: If it is proven that Donald Trump purposefully withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to get the President of Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption against the Biden family, do you think that is an impeachable offense? 39 percent of independents said it was an impeachable offense, compared with 35 percent who said it was not and 26 percent who were unsure.

This is compared with 83 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of Republicans who believed this would constitute an impeachable offense.

But in terms of the impeachment inquiry itself, Conway was correct in suggesting that independents were not backing the probe—because, according to the poll, they were not interested in it.

Indeed, 48 percent of independents said they were not interested in the inquiry at all, compared with the 18 percent of Democrats and 47 percent of Republicans who are not interested in the inquiry.

Just 20 percent of independents said they were very interested, compared with the 19 percent of Republicans and the 48 percent of Democrats who were very interested in the impeachment inquiry.

Newsweek has contacted the White House for comment.

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